Yousuf Aziz Magasi, The founder of modern Baloch Nationalism – Majid Baloch

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Yousuf Aziz Magasi, The founder of modern Baloch Nationalism

Majid Baloch

When we see the world through lenses of consciousness, then we easily realize that in the world there are many personalities who are ruling with their ideology, but we are unaware about them. When we find the pages of history with powerful knowledge and read some thing about some greatest personalities, though they are dead, yet their ideology is alive in the modern world. Their ideologies are spreading consciousness in our society and country, still we don’t know the values of their endavours in twenty century, like the founder of modern Baloch nationalism Yousuf Aziz Magasi who was the greatest personality in Baluchistan.

Nevertheless, anyone who reads the history of Balochistan in duration of twenty century, then they can know what were the circumstances of Balochistan and geography of Balochistan that time, why do people call Yousuf Aziz Magsi the founder of modern Baloch nationalism? Who was he? What was his main purpose and ideology? What role had he played in the world? If we read the history and research a little about his life then we can easily know about Yousuf Aziz Magsi and his efforts for Baloch nation.

According to history of Balochistan in twenty century, Baluchistan was divided into Kharaan, Makoran, Nosheki, Chaghi and Kalat etc. But these all were controlled by Kalat state, and Britain was ruling in Baluchistan as it had occupied Baluchistan since 1839, after that British had been initiating “divide and rule” in Balochistan. Robert Sandeman had created Sandeman system since 1876 in Baluchistan.

Yousuf Aziz Magsi was born in Jhal Magsi at home of Kaiser Khan in 1901 who was chief of Magsi tribe. Yousuf Aziz Magsi began studying in Jhel Magsi privately, his teachers taught him Quran, Hadith, literature and history of Muslims, after that he went to Multan where he studied about Mullana Abu-ul- kallam Azad, Allama Aqball and imperial Britian’s activities deeply.

He later created an organization called Anjuman-i-Itihaad Baloch and Balochistan. Yousuf Aziz Magsi was elected the first President, Abdul Rehman Khan Bugti as Voice President and Abdul Aziz Kurd was elected as General Secretary of the organisation.

He wrote an article called Balochistan Kee Faryad (Balochistan’s Lament) which was published on November 17, 1929 in Lahore’s news paper Masawat, he had written with golden words “Baloch nation should stand up commence the struggle for freedom of Baluchistan and never accept slavery, no-one can be more valiant than you, and be ready for sacrificing for your own country in every way. Never give the entire world opportunity to for laughing on us. Stop thinking cowardly, find what the history says and learn from the past.”

Imperial state British’s AGG & Resident had directed the prime minister of Kalat Sir Shams Shah to stop activities of Yousuf Aziz Magsi. His article was banned in Balochistan. A meeting was held by British authorities on July 17, 1930 regarding this matter. Yousuf Aziz Magsi was sentenced to one year prison and a fine of ten thousand nine hundred rupees was imposed on him. During his imprisonment he spent time in Mastung and Zehri Gat jails. He became involved in activities of Anjuman-i-Ittihad Baloch and Baluchistan party upon his release.

During his leadership tenure, Anjuman-i-Ithihaad Baloch and Baluchistan Party had conducted two summits titled “Baloch and Balochistan conference” in 1932 and 1933 in Jacobabad and Hyderabad. Yousuf Aziz Magsi completely opposed Sandeman system in these conferences and demanded complete independence of Balochistan. The followers of Sandeman system and all Sardars of Balochistan opposed him and finally he was exiled to London by British authorities.

Yousuf Aziz Magasi was impressed by teachings of Karl Marx and Linen. Therefore, He had once also suggested creating Baluchistan Labour Party.

Yousuf Azid Magsi continuously struggled for freedom of Baluchistan. His approach was of forbearance before any adversities. He was a nationalist that followed socialist ideologies. He was the very first person who had politically opposed British ruling of Balochistan and was an advocate of armed struggle to end Balochistan’s occupation. His struggle against British imperialism was based on scientific ways.  He wanted to save Baloch culture, civilization and geography of Baluchistan.

Unfortunately, on May 31st 1935 a catastrophic earthquake wrecked havoc upon Quetta and Yousuf Aziz Magasi lost his life. However, his ideology has continued to inspir Baloch activists and organisations like BSO-Azad and BNM to this date.


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