Balochistan: Gwadar Protest Leader Announces Million March to Quetta

Leader of Gwadar protests, Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, has announced a million march to Quetta with demands including complete removal of FC from Balochistan and surfacing of all forcibly disappeared people.

Earlier on 10th December, Thousands poured in from different areas of Balochistan to Gwadar to participate in the Balochistan Ko Haq Do Movement as the security forces surround the protestors and arrest their leaders. The protestors carried out a thousands-strong rally to mark World Human Rights Day which is commemorated on December 10th annually.

According to the details, the rally began at the Javed Complex in Gwadar and marched on the streets of the city, chanting slogans against the authorities and asking for their fundamental rights. Maulana Hidayat Ur Rehman, the leader of the protest, said that thousands of people have flocked to Gwadar today. This serves to prove that the people are now fed up with the injustices – they want their due rights. He said that we didn’t get job opportunities, factories or any other facilities from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor – we only got dead bodies.

A mesmerising drone footage of Gwadar Protest: