Posters are nothing, world should do more to support oppressed Baloch people

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Written by: Anwar Baloch

Baloch struggle and the freedom movement have always been out of the world’s sight throughout history. This was continuously providing more advantages and a dominant position to the Pakistan Punjabi establishment in their role to suppress the Baloch community but not any longer after the Baloch youth stood up on their own feet and started awareness campaigns around the world, most importantly during the 36th Session HR council in Geneva under the supervision of Baloch Republican Party, which really disturbed the peace among Pakistan’s ruling elites.

But the problem of Balochistan is quite big and one of the most burning issues today in Pakistan. Balochistan, is going through horrific crimes against humanity, such as military operations, summary executions, and forced disappearances along the way to regain independence by igniting five phase of uprising; the current fifth one is the most prolonged and intense than all the previous rebellions. Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti’s assassination brought the Baloch under one umbrella to fight against occupation of the Baloch land by the Pakistani army. The issue, dating back many decades, is one of the big problems the world will ever have to face; to understand it, we need to look at the current situation as well.

The government in Balochistan, as everybody knows, is nothing more than one’s imagination. It is just an extremely theocratic, fascist state where Pakistani army is the supreme leader and dictator, if you don’t submit to their rules and object their any action, (whether it’s on security policy, international affairs, political matters and or even bombarding house of Shambow Bugti to the ground with his entire family inside in Dera Bugti), You will face the dire consequences of each word you utter. Welcome to world of democracy, freedom and justice in Balochistan, but please don’t run away screaming because I am about to explain the the Pakistan and its army in Balochistan.

It is just ridiculous and funny if someone says “Balochistan has an elected democratic government”, in reality it is “selection” over “Election”. I am confident and one hundred percent positive that that not a single person has ever participated in any elections, but if any did, Then it is without a doubt He/She was pressurized or threatened to do so.  This statement of “Freely elected government” is ridiculous and absurd.

The Balochistan is under direct military rule which aims to silence the native Baloch completely, so as the Baloch freedom movement is significantly attracting worldwide attention than ever before and the support for Baloch cause is growing among civil society actors, sympathizers and rights groups abroad, the Pakistan army have gone completely berserk out of anger over the innocent people who have no affiliation whatsoever with any militant organization. The only crimes they are accused of is that they are relatives of the Baloch political activists and leaders who work day and night to raise awareness about the state crimes in Balochistan.

The Baloch has suffered for about seven decades under the grip of Pakistan, the country that harboured notorious terrorists leaders like Osama Bin Ladin and Mulla Omar and now the US-designated terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Sayeed Salahudeen. The state is now mainstreaming terrorists and providing them political careers to continue their work publicly to advance their terrorists agendas. Baloch are in the hands of one of the worst countries in the world. The world should not only internationalize the the Baloch issue, but also prioritize it by supporting them financially and morally because it is the question of their survival.

The statement of the President Trump about the new policy on Afghanistan is very encouraging and it gives a hope to the oppressed people, who are victims of state-sponsored terrorists. We hope America will do more to prevent this monstrous state of Pakistan from taking lives of innocent people in Balochistan and its neighbouring countries. The Intelligence agencies in Pakistan and most notorious one the ISI sponsor and provide training to terrorists in Balochistan to fuel sectarian violence, prevent female education, target women and children and destroy the worship places of minorities in Balochistan. The list of the terrorists outfit that are created and sponsored by the Pakistani government is too long. These army-sponsored groups also pledged allegiance to the so called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), to counter Baloch National Struggle for freedom and to counter the American mission in Afghanistan.

Baloch is the most suppressed and oppressed nation in the world and the range of violence and brutalities inhabiting every nook and corner of Balochistan have greatly affected its basic development such as economic prosperity, education and infrastructure development and other goods that are beneficial to the basic livelihood of people.

It is very unfortunate and sad that the people, being murdered in cruel way possible, don’t attract attention from world media. Dera Bugti fell under perpetual darkness from the outside world while being victimized by the Pakistan brutal army and security forces for about five days this week.

The curfew and restriction play a major part in Baloch Genocide and this strategy is applied to every part of Military-affected areas of Balochistan. This is a clear-cut policy to slaughter the innocent without letting the outside world know about the reality. We live in an unfortunate world, where there are violations and heartbreaking tragic incident, but non of them are as dangerous as the violations and crimes that are not addressed before the civilized world. Unfortunately, Balochistan is among that list.

Baloch intellectuals such as professors, doctors, teachers, students, political activists social workers and leaders are the favourite targets in list of Pakistani army that commit heinous crimes to crush the peaceful and secular Baloch freedom movement by completely dismantling the education sector of Baloch society. There are more countless genocidal strategies and policies that are implemented to get rid of Baloch once for all.  To target the education is the most injurious attack in the heart of Baloch future. The army will take full impunity in doing so if ignored by the world.

The problem has a great weight and it can’t be solved just through condemnations, little support or temporary outrage, it should be resolved through practical measures by the global community to ensure and protect the rights of indigenous Baloch in Balochistan. World can do more for the oppressed people of Balochistan.

Anwar Baloch is a human rights and political activist working abroad for independence of Balochistan.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.


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