BLA claims responsibility for attack on FWO personnel

FWO personnel working on a project funded by Japan - File Photo

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the attack on Frontier Works Organization (FWO) personnel in Turbat. At least two FWO personnel were badly injured when unknown armed persons fired upon them in Turbat city earlier this week.

FWO, which is a subsidiary of Pakistani Army, is carrying out construction work of road network for multi billion Chinese investment project, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). FWO is headed by a senior Pakistani military officer, Lt General Muhammad Afzal, who has the official title of Director General in the organisation.

BLA’s spokesman, Jeehand Baloch, stated in the statement, which was released to local media, “The attack was a warning to all those who are abetting state machinery. The workers were not killed only because they belong to oppressed land of Sindh.”

BLA, which has been active since early 2000 in Balochistan, like other armed organisations enjoys wide support among Baloch youth. It has also in past attacked Chinese engineers, Pakistani Security Forces and FWO personnel in Gwadar and vicinity. In one such attack in June, at least 8 personnel of Pakistani Navy were either killed or injured. However, Pakistani Navy rebutted the reports and only confirmed death of two personnel.

BLA, BLF and BRA are different Baloch militant organisations and have recently escalated their activities in Gwadar and other areas on route of CPEC. All these organisations call for outright independence of Balochistan form Pakistan. On other hand, Pakistani authorities have proscribed all militant organisations in Balochistan as terrorist outfits and accuses India, Afghanistan and Israel of funding them.