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Literature, a world in itself covers the written works of a language, period, culture, imaginative or creative writing, particularly of recognized artistic value. Simply could be said it share one’s innermost thoughts, beliefs, anxieties and other delicate experiences. A God gifted charisma to express things that couldn’t get chance being voiced. Literature encompasses whole of the human existence in its lap and reconciles them one way or another. It discerns no boundaries and goes beyond materialistic world. Literature is dressed in many languages and the magnificence of each language makes it more appealing to the readers. Balochistan, a place where instead of blood, literature flows in the strains of the people, is engrossed in rich literary sense of taste. The soil of Balochistan has enlightened the prominent literary depths named as: Atta Shad, Gul Khan Naseer, Azat Jamaldini, Syed Zahoor Shah Hashmi, Murad Awani and Yousaf Ali Khan Magsi. Their literary taste and fragrance of poetry will last endlessly to enhance the enlightment in generations.

In regard to this, Nushki is a city where in its virtuous air you feel the aroma of Azat Jamaldini and Gul khan Naseer’s Poetry. The Nushki town is celebrated for being a golden deserted land, and each particle of its soil is adorned with Gohar malik and Abdullah Jan Jamaldini’s eternal thoughts and infinite sentiments. Similarly, many other great minds raised in Nushki are: Munir Ahmed, Yar jan Baloch, Alim Ajeeb, Khuda Bux Shakaib and so on.

Encircled with these aesthetic essences, women in the area are also having the dreams of expressing their self and letting the entire creation know the sentimentalities and imaginative contemplations they possess. The idea of having different perspective in regard to literature persists. Its painful to highlight that (Nushki) the land with rich literature in its air lacks the acceptance of women, being expressive in (form of poetry) on matters which are elaborately discussed and written by men of the area.  Why?

Does gender really affect the way literature is produced?

As shared by Cassandra Clare that: “Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature”.

However, literature has nothing to do with gender, literature specifically (Poetry) produced by women of the area are admired. If a woman engraves something or intends to produce some sort of literature (poetry). People without wasting a second attach the story to her private life, never trying to interpret the reality and blaming her for what she has nothing to do with in truth. When it comes to women writing poetrys, the men of the area attribute it to weaken mind and infatuated nature. Wearing this sort of nature women in the area are considered impious.

Let alone the other people, even their family will be ashamed knowing that their daughter, sister writes poetry. For them poetry is something only to be shared by men, as they normally do by praising, and cursing women with using many ridiculous ways in their poetries and songs. And men in the area are happy to quote the relevant lines without considering it a spot to their honor matters. They do not know or do not want to accept that creating literature has nothing to do with gender, it’s a feeling, anyone, anywhere can have it without the gender controversy.

Michelle Obama once said that: “Don’t let anyone speak for you, and don’t rely on other to fight for you”.

Her words are encouraging but whom to fight with? Whom to consider responsible for having such conservative mindsets? This is not something be imposed to few individuals, rather it is a thought that persists deeply in the minds of the society. This is not an individual battle. There is needs for acceptance of poetry or work of literature by women, and the narrow concept of not acceptance of this must be discouraged and diminished.  

People ought to know that literature is an art to express speculation and sentiments. Thus, the women writing (poetry) must be taken in a positive way towards transformation of the society. Men in the area need to admit and respect the power of pen used by women. Being very generous and sensitive creatures, women feel things that are not seen and felt with actual senses. Exhibiting the reality, women can add their part to lead society towards modification. As it is said by Carolyn See: “Every word a woman writes, changes the story of the world, revises the official version.”

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