Baloch will never allow China to use Baloch coast against neighbouring countries – Dr Allah Nazar

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Prominent Baloch leader, Dr Allah Nazar, has warned China to “stop and back off” from its activities in Balochisan. In a newly released video message the Baloch leader says that Baloch will never allow China to use the coast of Baloch for military purposes against neighbouring countries.

The head of Baloch armed organisation, Balochistan Liberation Front, said: “I want to call upon China that you, along with your financial interests, want to use the coast of Baloch for military purposes to pose a threat against the neighbouring countries as well as the rest of the world through the hot waters of Balochistan. But the Baloch nation will never permit it.”

He continued: “For China, it is time to stop and back off. When the Baloch nation gets its sovereignty, then you will do far better trade with the Baloch and may invest here.”

In the video, posted on YouTube by Baloch media outlet Sangar, the Baloch leader urged the neighbouring countries to help Baloch in, what he termed, “our struggle that is in line with the United Nations charter.”

He said: “We also have the right, if Pakistani diplomats overtly favor Kashmiris that they have the right to acquire arms and military hardware, which is permitted in the Charter of UNO.”

“Similarly, if they are entitled, then we expect the same from India, China, Britain, our Arab friends in the Middle East, the US, and the rest of the civilized world that they would support the Baloch nation,” he added.

Dr Nazar said that the final phase of Baloch struggle is not too far, “because our continued struggle has staggeringly troubled the enemy.”

He claimed that the Pakistani state “has started our mass killing in the mountains as well as in the cities.”

He added that in view of the grave attrocities in Balochistan, the region should be declared a no-fly zone. “I appeal to all powers of the world, be it the US, France, Britain, other temporary members of (the UN) Security Council, like India and others, and the Secretary-General of the UNO that Balochistan should be declared as a no-fly zone and international observers should be sent to visit the area.

He also urged UN to enlist Baloch internally displaced persons (IDPs) as refugees. “Huge parts of our population are living in Iran and Afghanistan in appalling conditions. There are millions of IDPs who are forced to remain internally displaced. They should be helped and the United Nations’ (UNHCR) organizations for refugees should enlist our people as refugees,” he said.

Dr Nazar said that the Baloch struggle has continued for two decades and it will go on until attainment of its ultimate objective. “I am positive that after enduring the worst ordeals in the last twenty-three years, the Baloch nation is not infertile, Baloch land is not barren, the Baloch nation is not sterile, it has produced a lot of valiant youth.

“And secondly, I want to congratulate Balochistan and Baloch nation that those children who were born among us during the war, many of whom either embraced martyrdom or standing shoulder to shoulder with the freedom fighters. It means that we have successfully transitioned our national struggle to our next generation. And our struggle still continues.”

He also urged the Baloch leadership for unity and said, “My appeal to the Baloch nation and the Baloch leadership is that we should go for unity because unity is the guarantor of our success.”

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