Balochistan: Decoding Death Squads – Mujeeb Baloch

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Author: Mujeeb Baloch

Few days back, in an attempt to rob the house in Dannuk, Turbat, the martyrdom of Malik Naaz and the injury of young Brumsh sparked a new wave of protests in Balochistan. Living amid fear, for a long time Balochistan has not seen such a density in protests.

The Brumsh Case:

On May 26, a group of dacoits broke into the house of Jasim s/o Ameer at night. However, unanticipated by armed robbers, the mother of young Brumsh, Malik Naaz resisted. She was shot to death and Brumsh got injured.

Two of the perpetrators escaped the scene according to the local sources and one got caught.

While knowing about the goons, the local populace withstood. The culprit was beaten until police arrived. The Brumsh case is important in a perspective that the culprit was caught, otherwise the case would have been forgotten like thousands of other cases.

Nevertheless, the hatred worsened when the photo of the beaten culprit was uploaded on social media along with other pictures. For instance, a picture was uploaded in which he along with other armed men had stopped a passenger bus on a highway, though, in no legal capacity he was allowed to do so. Many other armed pictures were uploaded too. His other accomplices too were seen in various pictures; with local politicians, with forces, and with other members of their squad. This ignited the ongoing protests in Balochistan.

Understanding Death Squads:

For an outsider the pursuit of indigenous knowledge which include the knowledge of society, knowledge of norms, and importantly the knowledge of geography, is not possible until they are helped. Indigenous people are vital in this regard. Moreover, those who are helpful for something to achieve, are given something in return.

In Balochistan’s case they are given guns, tinted cars, and unimpeded authority over natives. When someone is provided with such things and is remained unchecked, though intentionally or unintentionally, the power is misused.

The most important thing they are tasked with is to de-politicize the society; specifically youth. They do this dreadfully. Furthermore, they have helped the intelligence agencies abduct thousands of people from Balochistan, mostly the activists and intelligentsia.

Numerous have been killed cruelly and thrown, with thousands still missing.

On the other hand, Balochistan has witnessed murders, ransom kidnappings, and extortions by these squads but could do nothing except muted protests. Being an eye witness I have seen them holding judicial office in the simple tribal areas, thus bypassing the state institutions and fabricating the social customs.

Though unchecked on local arena, the squads don’t operate independently, they have someone to report to. At some places they are answerable to local notables or chiefs, somewhere to the politicians, and somewhere directly to the military camps. As argued, with the help of local chiefs, intelligence agencies, and local politicians, they are scattered in each and every corner of Balochistan. Balochistan has been transformed into an overdeveloped security region. The intelligence agencies are being facilitated but at the expense of society.

However, the ongoing protests are giving a new hope to Balochistan. Amidst reign of terror people are getting out of their homes and demanding justice for Brumsh. The demands include the complete elimination of the death squads as they have ruined the societal peace, norms, political culture, and political participation.

Unfortunately, nothing effective has been heard from the representatives. Those who claim to be the peoples’ representatives in Assembly are busy in scrutinizing PSDP. The peoples’

representatives, “if they are”, must put something to discuss, to debate upon, and to legislate on the most important issue of the time.

May the protests count.

May the voice be heard.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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