Is unity really the need of time? – Hakeem Wadhela

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Author: Hakeem Wadhela

In past 72 years Baloch politics has seen numerous alliances, united fronts and umbrella organisations formed under one point agendas. Almost all have failed not because people are untruthful or they believe personal interests are more important than national struggle, but because people have different ideas, methods and ways towards the same goals.

For instance if you are driving ten kilometres away from your home, and there are two different routes. One of the route is longer but you know this route is the best one with less hazards, less traffic lights, no zebra crossings and no kids playing near to the roads, the only problem you may face is fast driving cars and you need to maintain a good speed. The second route may seem easier to drive with a slower speed limit, but you are not sure about road conditions, because it is not a motorway but a local street with many hurdles.

There are different types of people with different mentalities, ideas and thoughts. Different people choose different ways of acting, some people are more lenient they believe with the right time they can achieve what they are desiring. Whereas others are strict and focused on their goals they do not wait for the time to be right but they push the hard time and try to pass through it and find the right time.

In such a situation where you have two totally different and opposite approaches for the same goal. How can you fit in one team or can sail into the same boat. This is also the situation of the Baloch political movement. Baloch National struggle has different political parties and organisations such as BNM, BRP and BSO-A are the biggest and most known names amongst Baloch and the people around the world. But all these organisations operate differently and they have a different approach to the same goal. I am not here to compare effectiveness and success of each party.

I will only give some examples of how every party can achieve their great goals by working according to their own manifesto instead of pulling legs and calling it an act to unite Baloch nation. BNM has been successful to grab some attention from the international community in Europe and USA. Similarly the BRP has been very active in Europe specifically in UN to tell the world about the alarming situation of Balochistan and they have successfully managed to tell the world about the situation.

The above examples are just the basic examples of one’s right decisions and focusing on their own manifesto. I have overheard the word unity for more than thousand times and I simply do not understand why do we actually need to be united. I believe we need to be in different groups and work more effectively rather than being together and looking towards each other and wait for the other one to act.

This may be an unpopular opinion but it is something which every Baloch political activist needs to understand if the state knows that who you are where you are and how many you are then working on the cause will not be possible for the activists inside Balochistan. The Baloch politics have passed the phase of protest and public gatherings this is the phase of intellectual and philosophical politics. Where you do not need to go to public and raise slogans against state but you can send your messages through your writings and by using the discreet cell systems where you’re divided into no more than three people. I can see the impacts of sending your messages and using proper secrecy have secured many Baloch lives.

I am not in favour of losing anymore lives just to gather 100 or 1000 people. Because I believe one man in shadows can work more than a 1000 people shouting on streets. Remember no nation has been united before freedom because there always has been differences of goals, ideas, objectives, opinions and in some cases the destination were still not the same. So do not think if you are not united under one charismatic leader or an angelic character you will not be able to succeed? You will be free not because of any angelic characters but because of your own struggle and abilities to fulfil your national duties instead of sitting and mourning about the same old stories.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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