TBP obtains exclusive footage of military operation in Noshki

The Balochistan Post has obtained an exclusive footage of Noshki military operation that killed two and destroyed many houses in a small village. Pakistani forces carried out the operation over a span of two days on 18 and 19 August in Hizvar area of Band Do Seh near Noshki.

The first part of the 9 minutes long video shows gunship attack helicopters hovering over a civilian village. Few helicopters can then be seen landing near the village.

According to details, at least two people were killed in the military operation in Hizvar, who were identified as Abdul Manan s/o Ghulam Rasool and Siddiq s/o Guhram. Pakistani forces also took away the bodies of the deceased with them.

Two others were also arrested during the operation who were identified as Ibrahim s/o Umait Khan and Mistri Ahmed s/o Misri Khan. According to TBP correspondent and local sources women were also harassed and tortured during the military operation.

The footage obtained by TBP Noshki correspondent clearly shows US supplied Bell AH-1F/S Cobra gunship helicopters being used in the operation.

Pakistan received a squadron of Cobra gunship helicopters in March 2010 as part of War on Terror aid. The squadron included 14 attack helicopters. These attack helicopters had to be used against religious extremist organisations. However, video evidences have emerged that show the US supplied Cobras are being used in military operations against civilians and Baloch fighters in Balochistan.

Baloch armed groups maintain they are secular forces striving for the independence of Balochistan. However, Pakistan alleges them as Indian, Israeli and Afghan funded terrorists trying to dismantle Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan is also awaiting delivery of 12 US made Bell AH-1Z Viper modern gunship helicopters. Three attack helicopters will be delivered in 2017 and the remaining nine in 2018.

The helicopters will be equipped with night vision system, AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning Systems and 629F-23 Ultra High Frequency Communication Systems. Pakistan has also placed an order for 1000 Hellfire Block-2 missiles to use with the helicopters.

Human rights organisations and analysts fear these would be used against political opponents instead of religious terrorist organisations. Pakistan has one of the worst human rights records in the world. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and US State department in their annual reports have continuously highlighted human rights abuses against minorities and political opponents. At least 5000 Baloch activists have been killed in last few years, whereas, thousands have gone missing.

The second part of the video shows the aftermath of the attack. All the houses in the tiny village can be seen completely damaged and destroyed due to aerial shelling. The belongings of the villagers have been burnt down.

Pakistani forces had completely cordoned off the area during the operation and nobody was allowed to enter and leave the besieged area.

The video also shows remains of heavy weaponry used in the attack. Parts of a big missile and several shells of 20 mm caliber from Gatling guns of the gunship helicopters can be seen.

Scores of villages have completely been destroyed in similar military operations in other parts of Balochistan too. Cobra gunship helicopters have also been used in Makuran, Awaran, Bolan, Kohlu and Dera Bugti.