Rashid Hussain Baloch was detained in UAE on 26th December 2018. The family claims he was deported to Pakistan in June 2019 but the Pakistani authorities deny it. Rashid remains missing to this date.
Large number of activists protested in different cities of Balochistan against alleged murder of Karima Baloch, a prominent leader and the "pioneer of women activism" in Balochistan. music: bensound.com
Academic staff of University of Balochistan has given the government a 24-hour ultimatum to secure Dr Liaqat Sani's release. Dr Sani was forcibly disappeared yesterday causing anger across Balochistan.
Large number of students marched in Quetta Balochistan against ban of student politics and the heavy presence of Pakistani military in educational institutions. Music: Bensound.com
PTM or Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement is holding a protest rally in Chaman on 27th November. In this video we find out how PTM was formed and what it stands for? We also speak...
Sindhi activists and family members of missing persons are undertaking a long march from Karachi. The destination of the 1400km long march is Pakistani Army's headquarter in Rawalpindi. Music: bensound.com

Video: Kabul Bleeds Again

At least 20 rockets hit various residential areas of Kabul on Saturday morning killing and injuring several civilians. Music: Bensound.com
Baloch students are marching to protest for their educational rights after their reserved seats and scholarships were curbed in the universities of Punjab.
Major new natural gas reservoirs have been discovered in Kalat, Balochistan. Balochistan, while being one of the richest lands in the world, is one of the poorest too. Watch the video to find...
Baloch students studying in Multan, Punjab are protesting for more than 20 days now against abolition of Scholarships. The students say their scholarship were abolished in continuity of the discriminatory behaviour directed at...