Police stops vehicles traveling to Gwadar

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Balochistan police have stopped passenger and other vehicles traveling to Gwadar from Karachi and other areas of Balochistan.

According to details, police at Uthal Zero Point, have stopped all sorts of vehicles going to Gwadar and other areas of Makran. The Uthal Zero Point is the junction where the only highway link connects Makran region including Gwadar, to other parts of the country by road.

According to Ain Qadir, a well-known journalist from Gwadar, was on his way to Gwadar from Karachi when he was stopped by the police at Uthal Zero Point and prevented to travel to Gwadar.

On the other hand, there are reports from Turbat that police personnel are deployed in Gokdan and Pasni areas, who are not allowing vehicles to enter the area.

It may be recalled that today ‘Balochistan ko Haq Do Tehreek’[Rights for Balochistan Movement] has announced a rally in Gwadar in which people from different parts of Balochistan are going to participate.

The movement continues for past 24 days as the government fails to strike a bargain with the protestors. The protestors are adamant that they will not leave the roads, despite the government pressure, until their demands are met. They are committed not to settle for “false promises” – this time, they say, we want the real change.

According to reports from Uthal city of Lasbela district of Balochistan, passengers have completely closed the Karachi-Quetta highway in protest.

Khursheed Baloch, a passenger from Karachi to Turbat, told The Balochistan Post that we started our journey from Karachi terminal at 8 am today, When we reached Uthal Zero Point, a heavy contingent of police stopped our bus and asked us to stay overnight.

He further said that thousands of people, including the sick, the elderly, women and children were trapped in hundreds of passenger buses at the moment.

“The Police officials told us that they are stopping us because we are going to participate in the protest rally in Gwadar,” Khursheed said.

According to the passengers, where we have been stopped, there is no provision for women and children and old people are in great distress. They said that due to the wrong policies of the government, people are now protesting in the form of sit-ins at Uthal Zero point as well.

Uthal Zero Point

The protest on the Karachi-Quetta highway has caused long queues and traffic is completely suspended.

There are also reports of passengers being stopped from other areas of Makran entering Gwadar. As per the latest reports, the talks between the district administration and the passengers are underway to find a solution.


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