December 21 to commemorated as the ‘Baloch Women’s Day’ – BSO-Azad

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The Baloch Students Organization Azad (BSO-Azad) announced in a recent media statement that December 21, the day of the “martyrdom” of Karima Baloch, the ex-chairperson of the BSO-Azad, will be commemorated as the “Baloch Women’s Day” in the remembrance of her services and sacrifice for the Baloch cause. The group said that her life is a beacon of light for everyone to follow, especially the Baloch women.

Karima Baloch was the former chairperson of the BSO-Azad, a human rights activist and one of BBC’s 100 most influential women in 2016. She was a political dissident and her activities forced her to migrate to Canada and take asylum there. Even there, she repeatedly highlighted the issues facing the Baloch nation and continued her support for the Baloch cause.

In December of 2020, she suddenly went missing while taking a walk near a river in Downtown Toronto. A day later, her dead body was found in the river. The Canadian police, after investigating her mysterious death, ruled out any foul play, but many in Balochistan speculated that she was killed by the Pakistan intelligence agencies.

In a media statement, the BSO-Azad said that Karima Baloch led the Baloch struggle at a critical moment – the movement was in disarray and the Pakistani authorities were cracking down on student leaders and political activists. Even then, she stood her ground and confronted these problems head-on. She set up an example for everyone to follow. Her services revitalized the struggle and paved the way for other women to participate in this struggle. It is due to her services that the movement is still alive and stronger than ever, the group said.

The BSO-Azad said that the Baloch nation is secular – it has always believed in equality for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. Throughout history, Baloch women have always stood beside their male counterparts. Foreign invaders have always tried to break this system and divide and attenuated the Baloch nation – the Brits tried this “divide and rule” strategy and now the Pakistani state is employing it as well and without much success. Deep at its core, the secular nature of the Baloch nation is still preserved, BSO-Azad said.

The group further said that Karima Baloch understood these tactics. She foiled these conspiracies and united the Baloch women and men on a common platform. It was her unparalleled sacrifice that revived the Baloch nation. Hundreds of women are now following in her footsteps and playing their due role in the Baloch struggle, the group said.

BSO-Azad said to remember Karima Baloch and honour her services and sacrifice for the Baloch nation, 21 December, the date of her “martyrdom”, will be commemorated as the “Baloch Women’s Day.” The group said that it will hold gatherings throughout Balochistan for this purpose and run a social media campaign on that day.


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