Exclusive Video: Baloch will defeat Pakistan and China – Allah Nazar

Prominent Baloch leader and head of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Dr. Allah Nazar, has said that Baloch will defeat China and Pakistan.

In an exclusive video received by The Balochistan Post (TBP), the medical doctor turned guerrilla commander says: ‘the notion that Baloch struggle is on decline is absolutely untrue.’

‘Their might be few Sardars (tribal elders) who have deviated from the path for their financial interests but the common Baloch activists have continued their struggle for a free Balochistan for nearly two decades now,’ he says in the video.

In the 9 minute 7 second long video, which is in Brahvi langue, the Baloch leader says that Pakistan has deployed 150,000 personnel of regular Army in only one region of Balochistan. This is in addition to personnel of coast guard, FC, police and other security forces.

‘If the Baloch struggle is on decline then why Pakistani state has been compelled to such huge deployment,’ he asks in the video.

He also requests the Baloch diaspora to financially support the ‘home-grown’ Baloch struggle for freedom.