Pakistan is the killer of Hayat Baloch, it’s not a crime of an individual – Dr. Allah Nizar

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Pro-independence Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch while commenting on the tragic death of Hayat Baloch said that the assassination of Hayat Baloch was the continuation of targeting Baloch youth and the future of the nation. While the purpose of Pakistan by committing such war crimes is to continue the genocide of Baloch nation as well as an attempt to psychologically demoralize the youth of Balochistan by creating uncertain situation so that they would not be able to focus on their education nor be able to play their due role in the Baloch national struggle.

“Pakistan has employed multipronged aggression to keep the Baloch youth at bay form getting education, which include the colonial system of education to paralyze the mind of the youth, to keep schools, colleges and universities under control of the army and to settle military camps and check posts in these educational institutions. Moreover, the killings of thousands of Baloch students by Pakistan army and thousands of them are still enduring inhumane torture in the secret detention centers run by the army” said Dr. Allah Nizar.

Dr. Baloch further said, “After the horrific and gruesome murder of Hayat Baloch, the reaction of the Baloch nation was a natural phenomenon. The Baloch nation has made thousands of sacrifices to keep the spirit of national struggle alive. Pakistan has employed every tactic to destroy our identity, culture, and language. Along with the genocide of the Baloch nation, our culture and language are among the endangered. For this Pakistan has, not only, imposed a ban on reading and writing of Balochi language whilst the English language centers and teachers have been continuously targeted.  Those books which are published in Lahore and Karachi are banned in Balochistan. Pakistan army has confiscated Balochi and other books from the book shops in District Kech and other places, which is the clear indication that the state of Pakistan is trying to keep Baloch nation away from getting education and knowledge.”

He added: “The assassination of Hayat Baloch is the continuation of this policy which aims to target the bright stars. Even though we have time and again kept telling our youth and appealed to them that they should stand against Pakistani atrocities but also adjust themselves to the available colonial educational system and prove it to the world that while living within the colonial system of education, it cannot carry them away from their national aspirations.”

Dr. Allah Nizar’s statement comes after the incident of shooting a Baloch student, Hayat Baloch by Pakistani security forces personnel. Hayat was reportedly killed by FC personnel in front of his parents in Turbat city of Balochistan, on 13 August.

According to the Pakistan Military officials, the FC personnel involved in the killing of Hayat Baloch, has been arrested and handed over to the police for further investigation into the matter. On the other hand, Baloch nationalists see this act as “fooling around people by punishing an individual where actually the state and army are acting on the policy of Baloch genocide”.

Dr. Allah Nizar said: “The state lackeys have become active in order to mitigate and cool down the extremely angry reaction created by Hayat Baloch’s shooting. Military officers and police authorities are busy in the photo sessions. These excursions are nothing but false sympathies. They only want to make the Baloch believe that it was an error of an individual and the legal proceedings have been initiated against the culprit. But I want to make this clear that the assassination of Hayat Baloch was not the crime of an individual, but the state of Pakistan is the killer of Hayat Baloch because this is not the first case of its nature. For this reason, giving blood money or punishing an individual is an insult to the wounds of the Baloch nation.”

He said, “Anti-Baloch federalist parties are also trying to cash out this issue for their petty interests. For instance, Dr. Malik, an anti-Baloch element, came out of the hibernation only at a time when the Baloch nation is expressing their hatred vehemently against the state of Pakistan. The attempt form Dr. Malik to associate the assassination of Hayat Baloch, martyrdoms of other shaheed and missing persons to the armed struggle is an attempt to let Pakistan go scot free from all of its committed crimes.”

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch concluded, “Our armed struggle is in accordance with the international laws and is being waged on our own land. Until now Baloch arm struggle has not violated any international law and abided by the Geneva Conventions. On the contrary, Pakistan is committing war crimes on a daily basis. Dr. Malik instead of blaming the Baloch nation should advise his masters that they should peacefully withdraw from Baloch land.”


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