BLA claims responsibility for Turbat, Noshki and Mastung attacks

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The Baloch Liberation Army has carried out attacks in five major cities of Balochistan in last 24 hours.

The spokesperson for the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Jeeyand Baloch, has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Turbat, Noshki and Mastung cities of Balochistan today in a statement sent to the media from an undisclosed location. “BLA Sarmachars (fighters) today targeted convoys of Pakistan Army in IED blasts in 2 different cities of Balochistan; Turbat and Noshki and carried out a grenade attack on a stall set up for 14 August in Mastung city. The BLA claims responsibility for all three attacks,” he said.

Jeeyand Baloch has claimed responsibility for the Turbat attack saying, “BLA Sarmachars targeted a Pakistani army convoy in the Apsar area of Turbat this morning in an IED attack when they were heading towards the Abdarak camp.”

“The IED attack severely damaged the forces’ vehicle, as a result of which multiple enemy soldiers were killed and wounded. After the attack, the occupying army personnel opened indiscriminate firing on the nearby Baloch population. Meanwhile, the enemy army captured a young Baloch named Muhammad Hayat in front of his mother and sister and shot him dead after ruthlessly torturing him. It has always been nature of the Pakistani army when they are defeated by Baloch fighters, they take revenge in the form of butchering the innocent Baloch citizens,” he added.

The BLA spokesman also claimed responsibility for the attack in Noshki district of Balochistan today, saying, “In another attack today in Noshki, Balochistan, our fighters targeted a convoy of Pakistani troops when they were heading out from their main camp to the city.”

“The IED attack badly damaged a forces’ vehicle, which resulted in killing and injuring several forces’ personnel,” BLA spokesperson stated.

Further in the statement, Jeeyand Baloch has claimed responsibility for attacking a stall set up for the August 14 in Mastung District, adding that “In another attack today, Baloch fighters targeted a stall set up for 14 August in Mastung city. The attack was carried out with a hand grenade bomb, as a result, the stall was completely destroyed.”

“This attack is a continuation of BLA’s attacks on events and stalls of August 14. These attacks will continue with more intensity. Baloch people should stay away from any such stall or any event (held at the behest of the occupying army) to protect themselves from any possible loss of life and property”, statement read.

It may be recalled that during the last 24 hours, the Baloch Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for various attacks in five major cities of Balochistan. Earlier in the day, BLA spokesman Jeeyand Baloch claimed responsibility for last night’s attack on a stall set up in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, on the occasion of the 14th of August, saying, “BLA fighters bombed a shop on Brewery Road in Quetta on Wednesday. The shop had set up a stall for the occasion of 14th of August, the National Day of the occupying enemy, BLA takes responsibility for the attack.”

Yesterday, earlier in the day, the BLA claimed responsibility for another bomb attack on a workshop at the Attock Cement Factory in the industrial city of Hub Chowki in Balochistan. In this regard, the BLA spokesperson issued a statement saying, “We have already warned the factory to stop Baloch economic exploitation, but by setting up a factory on Baloch soil, which is run by Baloch resources, and Pakistan recruits people from afar and brings them to Balochistan. Let alone the right on property, Baloch locals don’t even get a labor job. Those injured in the blast were parts of the state’s exploitative machinery, who were brought from far-flung areas to take part in plundering Baloch wealth, who remained involved in the exploitative process despite warnings from BLA,” he added.

Earlier on August 10, the BLA had bombed a stall set up for August 14 in Hub Chowki, injuring three law enforcement officials and the stall owner. On August 11, the BLA claimed responsibility for an IED attack on a forces’ vehicle on Teri Road in Mastung. It claimed that several security personnel were killed and wounded in the attack.

It may be recalled that earlier on June 28 this year, Majeed Brigade of BLA had targeted Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. The BLA Majeed Brigade had earlier carried out “self-sacrificing” attacks on Chinese engineers in Dalbandain, the Chinese Consulate in Karachi and the Pearl Continental Hotel in Gwadar.


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