Balochistan: Protests erupt against death squads that killed woman and injured child

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Protests have erupted in various parts of the Balochistan against the state backed death squads that shot a woman and her child in Dannuk area of Turbat city last week.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, a woman and her four-year-old child were shot allegedly by the members of local death squad, over resistance during a burglary at their house. Firing resulted in killing the woman on the spot and injuring her child.

As the incident occurred, other members of the family caught the robbers and handed them over to the police.

An Ak47 and a motorcycle used in the theft and murder were also recovered and further investigation is underway, Police said.

After the incident, residents of the area including the victim family commenced protests against the incident and criticized the government for its failure of protection to the civilians.

Later, the incident sparked protests in various cities of Balochistan, including Turbat, Gwadar, Buleda, Noshki and Dalbandain. Civil society has announced to spread the series of protest to Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan, and Karachi.

On Monday, Hundreds of protesters, including women and children took the streets in 47-degree heat of Turbat city, to demand justice for the victim kid, Bramsh.

Speaking on the occasion, the sister of the deceased Malik Naz, said that if our house was attacked today, it would be on someone else’s house tomorrow. Therefore, the real culprits involved in the incident should be arrested.

“We will continue our protest until justice is served,” she said.

Whereas, the civil society carried out a rally in Gwadar city, which ended in Gwadar press club. The protestors demanded an instant trial on the incident and demanded the immediate arrest of the central character of the plot, Sameer Sabzal.

protest in Gwadar

According to locals, Sameer Sabzal is allegedly working under the patronage of Pakistani intelligence agencies. He has been given free hand in the area, in return of his services for army against the pro-independence forces and political activists.

Government agencies in Balochistan, including Turbat, are facing allegations of leading death squads after the Dannuk incident. Similar allegations have been made against the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies in the past.

In a joint statement, Jalila Haider, president of the Women’s Democratic Front (WDF) and Farkhanda Aslam, the general secretary, lamented the tragic incident in Dannuk.

The WDF demands that the atrocities and violence against women and children in Balochistan under the “collective punishment” at the hands of intelligence agencies and their money-feeding groups and death squads must halt, the statement read.

While talking to The Balochistan Post, a resident, Abdul Waheed Dashti said that despite the siege of Turbat city by Frontier Corps (FC), police and other security agencies, the incidents of theft and robbery in the city are question marks.

He added that the operatives of local armed groups, also known as ‘death squads’ set up by the forces and intelligence agencies have also been given free rein, which has led to an increase in thefts and robberies.

In addition, a campaign is being launched on social media to provide justice to Bramsh Baloch. Protests against the incident have also been announced in other parts of Balochistan.

The Pakistani government and intelligence agencies are facing strong criticism from political and social parties as well.

Munir Jalib Baloch, Central Secretary General of the Baloch Students Organization, has strongly condemned the Dannuk incident. He said that the terrorists of the Death Squad entering the house in the night, injuring the inncent Bramsh and killing her mother is an inhumane act.

He said that the silence of so-called Pakistani feminists on such incidents makes them equally complicit in this crime. Pakistani feminism seems to be a victim of a class system that raises its voice against the atrocities committed against women by checking their identity and nationality.

The Balochistan National Party (BNP) said in a statement that since the formation of the government at gunpoint, armed groups have taken the entire Balochistan They are involved in hostage, kidnapping for ransom, disappearing political activists, thefts, robberies, desecrating Baloch mothers and daughters and martyring them.

Addressing a press conference regarding the Dannuk incident, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, President of the National Party and former Chief Minister of Balochistan, said that the incident was a national tragedy for us. No one should be allowed to create a state within the state and run a private army.

Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch said in a statement “In different parts of Balochistan, such groups are involved in murder, theft, robbery, and other crimes, but due to the support of the army and intelligence agencies against the Baloch freedom fighters, the parliamentary parties are ready to defend them. After such activities, these people often take refuge in military camps, which are their permanent sanctuaries.”

While the chairman of a political party in Balochistan, Baloch National Movement, Khalil Baloch strongly condemned the Turbat Dannuk incident and said “Human rights violations are increasing day by day in Balochistan. The ban on international organizations and media from entering Balochistan and the silence of the local media not only obscures these incidents but also intensifies them.”


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