Sindh: Protestor for his brother’s recovery goes missing himself

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VMPS will protest in Larkana against ongoing state operation across Sindh for last seven days and human rights activist Akash Taggarh’s enforced disappearance.

The Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh said in a statement that the state operation against nationalist activists continues for the seventh consecutive day by Pakistani forces in Sindh. According to the VMPS, Pakistani forces last night abducted and disappeared Akash Taggarh, a human rights activist from Larkana, who is also the brother of a missing student, Kashif Taggarh.

According to the statement, Aakash Taggarh has been leading protests in various cities of Sindh including Larkana for the safe recovery of his brother and other missing persons for last many years.

Taggarh’s father said; “he was also picked up and disappeared by Pakistani forces in plain clothes yesterday.”

Akash Tiggarh’s father is a teacher by profession, has said, “My home has been destroyed after my two sons were abducted and disappeared”.

The organization says; on the other hand, the forces have abducted a student named Abdullah Chawro from Jamshoro. Whereas, a protests were staged in Fareed-Abad and Maiherh areas against the enforced disappearance of another nationalist activist, Imtiaz Khaskheli, from Jamshoro, whose family also participated and demanded his release.

Furthermore, the organization said that a protest was staged in Golarchi today for the release of JSQM leader, Mahfooz Ismail Notkani, who was forcibly disappeared from Golarchi (Badin) yesterday. The protest was staged by his party, JSQM and his family members.

At least, 60 Sindhi nationalists have been abducted in the operation from all over the Sindh that has been going on for last seven days, the statement read.

The VMPS has released the list of abductees, as follows:

Nationalist leader Imdad Shah from Dokari (Larkana), nationalist worker Khaskheli from Jamshoro, Inaam Khoso, student leader Hafeez Peerzado, Kifayat Jatoi from Bakrani, nationalist leader Israr Ghoto, Kaashif Ghoto, Aktar Bozdar, Irfan Babar Solangi from Karachi, Ali Bhatti worker of Jiye Sindh Movement, Wahid Baksh Brouhi, Mushtaq Choliani, Naseer Taheem, Jabbar Sirki, Shahid Notiyar, Taimoor Khoso from Sakhar, Ali Raza Deho from Haiderabad, Qadeer Soomro from Shikarpoor, Saeed Mangi, Shaheed Bhutto from Ratho Dhero, Ehsaan Mangi from Larhkana, Waseem Solangi, Saeed Solangi from Shikarpoor, Muhammad Ismaeel Notkani from Badeen, Aayatullah Jarwar, Mukhtiar Bozdar, Soomar Malah, Ilaahi Baksh Markand, JSQM (Bashir Khan) leader Javed Shoro, GM Shoro, Ejaz Tahim and Ehsan Tewono, from Jamshoro.

The organization said. The mutilated body of Niaz Lashari, a political activist who had been missing for 18 months, on June 16, was dumped in Karachi.

It is to be noted that JSQM Ariser leader Ayub Kandhro, Insaf Dao, Murtaza Junejo, Shahid Junejo, Pathan Khan Zahrani, Masood Shah, Naveed Magsi, Shadi Khan Soomro, Rafiq Imrani, Murtaza Solangi, Fateh Mohammad Khoso, Sohail Raza Bhatti, Ijaz Gaho, Mohan Meghwar, Allah Wadhayo Mehr and more than 50 missing persons were allegedly abducted by Pakistani forces, for which protests have been going on all over Sindh for last several years.

The Convener of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, Sorth Lohar, has said in his statement; “Our phased movement will start from Larkana tomorrow against this ongoing state operation against nationalist activists across Sindh and enforced disappearances. 

In the first phase, protest camps will be set up at Larkana Press Club on June 26, Karachi Press Club on June 27 and Hyderabad Press Club on June 28 and this movement will continue till the state continued operations against the political activists of Sindh.

He has appealed to political, social and nationalist parties including human rights activists of Sindh to join the demonstrations.

The VMPS has appealed to the international community, the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Asian Human Rights Commission, the European Union and all civilized countries and human rights organizations to put political and diplomatic pressure on Pakistani state to stop genocide of Sindhis, Balochs and Pashtuns in Sindh, Balochistan and KPK and remove its forces from there.


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