Pakistani envoy to UN is trying to cover up his country’s war crimes – Khalil Baloch

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Khalil Baloch, chairman of the Baloch National Movement, in his response to the meeting of Pakistan’s UN envoy, Munir Akram with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and assertion of the Baloch national liberation movement as a proxy in his dossier said that Pakistan’s all claims were false and baseless. He added, “The United Nations should invite the Baloch nation as a party, in the light of the historical fact of Pakistani occupation of Balochistan, before engaging in unilateral talks and actions.”

He said that Munir Akram’s briefing on his dossier and the blame of unity between Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Baloch liberation movement is false and it was an attempt to cover up Pakistani war crimes. On the other hand, in this dossier and as well in many others in the past, Pakistan has tried to hide its duplicity and evil face. It is trying to give a religious color to the Baloch liberation movement to tarnish the Baloch liberation struggle’s image and create sympathy in the United Nations and the international community for Pakistan, while Pakistan all the meanwhile itself supports and promotes religious radicalization. However, the Baloch liberation struggle’s clear and transparent secular movement and strong symbol against religious extremism compelled the Pakistani envoy to use the word secessionists for Baloch freedom fighters in his dossier instead of words they use for religious extremists.

The BNM chairman said, “Pakistan’s accusation of Baloch struggle receiving foreign aid is also an additional new propaganda tactic. We make it clear that if we had received foreign aid, the situation of the Baloch liberation movement would have been far different. Before Pakistan accuses India of helping us, they should remember Bangladesh’s war of independence. When India helped Bangladesh, Pakistan was defeated within a few months. We as a nation have been fighting for independence for seven decades. If anyone helps us, Pakistan and the world should not be surprised and worried because it is our right to receive help just like any other nation. Perhaps the difference between us and other nations is that we are a colony and an occupied territory. As colonies, if we are left alone at the mercy of colonizers even in this modern age and despite the current serious humanitarian crisis, it will take a terrible shape and raise many questions on the United Nations and the responsible world powers.”

Khalil Baloch said that the Pakistani envoy was trying to mislead the world once again by giving the example of billions of dollars loss and loss of lives in its fight against religious extremism. But in contrast, the world has been witnessing that Pakistan had earned billions of dollars in its business with religious terror and in the name of war on terror. It was during Musharraf’s tenure revealed that Musharraf had himself handed over Pakistanis to the United States by bargaining on dollars. Thus, the Pakistani business model based on religious terror had always remained financially profitable for them. That was probably the first war in history in which a country had been directly involved and benefited financially. He added further, “Pakistan’s army is a mercenary, it has been fighting for money. In Kargil, when they went to the battlefield with their own money and expenses, they could not afford the war and their fate was exposed within weeks.”

The BNM chairman said that Pakistan was constantly lying to the international community and using international aid in the name of war on terror against other oppressed nations including Baloch and Pakhtuns. However, the failure of the United Nations and the world powers to take action against Pakistan is tantamount to turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s war crimes against the oppressed nations.


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