Baloch Activist Alleges Harassment Amid Struggle Against Forced Disappearances

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Hooran Baloch, a prominent member of the rights group Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), held a press conference at the protest camp in Quett where she expressed serious concern over the alleged harassment she and her family have endured, despite their commitment to a peaceful and legal struggle.

Ms. Baloch asserted that “state entities” have consistently subjected her family to harassment in recent days, compelling their relocation from Saryab Kali Shahnawaz to Satellite Town, Quetta. She recounted a disturbing incident on the day of their move, where they were shadowed by agents from a secret agency during the transportation of their belongings. Additionally, she described multiple instances of individuals approaching their residence’s gate and causing disturbances.

Ms. Baloch revealed that some of her family members, including her father, continue to reside in their previous home. Allegedly, state authorities, accompanied by officials from the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), encircled their Kali Shah Nawaz residence at around three in the morning. The officials reportedly scaled the roofs, accessed the premises through the main gate, and proceeded to search the house. Ms. Baloch narrated that an intelligence officer, dressed in casual attire, reprimanded her father at the gate. Meanwhile, masked individuals in CTD uniforms and civilian clothing positioned themselves both inside and on the rooftops, visibly armed.

Ms. Baloch quoted the intelligence official as sternly instructing her father to control her activities, accusing her of “brainwashing” people through her advocacy work for VBMP. Furthermore, the official warned her father against allowing her to participate in activities organized by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, emphasizing that such involvement could result in severe repercussions for their family, she said.

Using the platform provided by her organization, Ms. Baloch declared her unwavering commitment to her cause. She stated, “I will continue my struggle for the return of the missing persons and against enforced disappearances rather than staying silent in the face of these unconstitutional acts.” Ms. Baloch stressed that during this period, she holds the state responsible for any potential harm that may befall her or her family.

She also clarified her lack of affiliation with any political or armed groups, highlighting her role as the research coordinator of the VBMP. Ms. Baloch’s involvement with the organization dates back to 2013, and her focus remains squarely on advocating for the safe return of missing individuals within the bounds of the constitution.

The press conference shed light on the distressing situation faced by advocates against forced disappearances and highlighted the challenges they encounter in their pursuit of justice and human rights.

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