Political activist goes missing from Sindh

Enforced disappearances continue across Pakistan as plain-clothed men pick up another political activist from Sindh.
According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, Raja Haidar, an activist of a nationalist political organization, has gone missing after being picked up by plain-clothed men in Manzoor Abad town of Jamshoro district in Sindh.
Several members and leaders of nationalist political and student organizations have gone missing in the past by the hand of same plain-clothed men in Sindh, but a surge has been observed in such abduction-styled-arrests since last year.
Families of Sindhi Missing Persons have been continuously staging protest camps and hunger strikes in Karachi and Larkana and many other cities, in order to force authorities to release their loved ones, who have been extra-judicially detained since many years.
Missing Persons’ issue is not limited to nationalists or to one province, such abductions have become Pakistan’s secret agencies’ favourite tactic to suppress dissent, and hunt possible spies, which National and International Human Rights Organizations have criticized time and again.