15 Years of Agony After Son’s Enforced Disappearance in Khuzdar

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In a heart-wrenching appeal from Khuzdar, the mother of missing Kabir Baloch has recounted the anguish she has endured for the past 15 years since her son’s enforced disappearance in Khuzdar. Kabir Baloch, along with his companions Mushtaq Baloch and Attaullah Baloch, was forcibly disappeared on March 27, 2009, sparking a long and arduous search for justice.

According to Kabir’s mother, the state institutions in Pakistan derive pleasure from causing pain to helpless mothers and sisters, making it feel as if the kidnapped individuals are not even considered human-born children.

“Their only crime is being Baloch,” she proclaimed, implying that their identity alone serves as the basis for their victimization, with no consideration for their innocence.

She explained that over the course of fifteen years, the family has pursued justice relentlessly, knocking on the doors of various courts, commissions, and the judiciary. However, each endeavour resulted in disappointment, injustice, and humiliation. According to Kabir’s mother, these institutions seem more inclined to protect the oppressors, allowing tyranny and injustice to persist.

She asserted her son’s innocence and urged that if he had indeed committed a crime, the legal system should have held him accountable within the bounds of Pakistan’s laws.

Appealing to the civilized world, international organizations, and human rights advocates, Kabir’s mother implores them to show mercy and help in the recovery of her son and his companions. Her desperate plea is to meet her son one last time before she passes away.

“I plead to them as a helpless and voiceless mother,” she said, hoping that her message would reach the civilized world and resonate with international organizations and human rights advocates.

Enforced disappearances in Balochistan continue to cast a dark shadow on the region, with the heart-rending plea of Kabir Baloch’s mother serving as a stark reminder of the unrelenting pain and suffering endured by countless families.

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