Balochistan: Multiple attacks on security forces, BLA claims responsibility

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Multiple militant attacks and blasts rocked Quetta, Khuzdar, Turbat, Kalat, Gwadar, Kahan, and other parts of Balochistan on Sunday. Several people were killed and injured in the attacks.

While on Sunday evening, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for multiple attacks in a press release. BLA’s spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch claimed of having killed 28 personnel of Pakistani forces in the attacks in Turbat, Kahan, Gwadar, and Quetta.

BLA’s statement further provided detail of the attacks saying: On Sunday at 1 pm in Chapi Kach, Kahan members of BLA’s Special Tactical Operations Squad (STOS) targeted a vehicle of the Pakistani military. “In the IED attack, eight enemy personnel, including a captain, were killed and three were injured,” it said. In the attack, the Pakistan army’s Captain Fahad, Sepoy Asghar, Sepoy Shamoom, Sepoy Mehran, Lance Naik Ameen Ullah, and others were killed. Three army personnel were also injured in the attack.

According to the group, in another attack by STOS in Gokdan Turbat on the evening of 24th December, a convoy of the Pakistani military was ambushed. “In this attack, at least seven enemy personnel including a junior commissioned officer were killed and four were injured,” statement read.

Jeeyand Baloch further said that the Pakistan forces were targeted when they were traveling in a convoy of nine vehicles from Gokdaan. In the attack, at least three army vehicles were targeted with rockets and heavy weapons, he said. BLA claimed in the deadly attack, seven including JCO Azhar were killed, four were injured, and two Pakistan army vehicles were destroyed.

BLA spokesperson further said, on Saturday night in another attack in Turbat, BLA fighters targeted a military camp near Hoshaap with rockets. Several rockets were launched at the Pakistan army camp, causing severe losses to the troops.

In another attack on Saturday night, BLA fighters targeted a military outpost in Dasht Saheji area of Gwadar. “Several grenades were launched at enemy positions, resulting in losses to the enemy forces,” the statement read.

Similarly in Gilli, Bulaida an outpost of the Pakistani military was targeted with grenade launchers and heavy weapons. Three Pakistani troops were injured in the attack and BLA claimed the responsibility

In Joosk, Turbat a Pakistani military outpost was targeted with a hand grenade. Whereas, in Kehkan, Turbat a military base was targeted with BM12 long-range projectiles, BLA statement said.

On Sunday on Sabzal road in Quetta, BLA targeted policemen guarding the police station with a hand grenade. Two police officials were injured in the attack, the group claimed the attack.

“In another attack in Quetta, BLA fighters targeted enemy personnel in Satellite Town, three enemy personnel were injured in this attack,” Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement. He further added that in another attack on Sariab road Quetta, an “enemy” post was targeted with a hand grenade. Three “enemy” personnel were injured in the attack.

In Hub, BLA targeted the CIA police station. In the second attack in Hub, an outpost of the Pakistani military was targeted on the RCD highway. The Pakistani forces reportedly suffered casualties in both attacks and BLA took responsibility for the attacks.

In Khuzdar, BLA fighters targeted a police vehicle at Jeelani Chowk. Several policemen were injured in the attack and their vehicle was damaged. “These enemy personnel were involved in disrespecting and manhandling innocent civilians in the name of security checking. Several members of Khuzdar police are directly aiding the occupying Pakistani military against the Baloch liberation movement. BLA warns them to immediately stop their actions or they will face the consequences,” the statement reads.

BLA statement added that in the Kalat area of Balochistan, BLA fighters destroyed a truck involved in “plundering” Baloch national resources. The drivers of the truck were released unharmed after final warnings, it said.

The group also released the details of various clashes between BLA fighters and the Pakistan army. The statement reads: “On 17 and 29 November 2022, BLA freedom fighters gallantly fought and repulsed enemy advances in Kolwah. In these deadly battles, Baloch freedom fighters eliminated at least 13 enemy personnel and injured several others. In defence of the motherland, 11 Baloch freedom fighters also embraced martyrdom.

Later on 29 November 2022, Pakistani ground and aerial forces launched an attack on a temporary base of the Baloch Liberation Army. During a routine patrol, BLA fighters had arrested two suspicious men, who were being investigated. A negotiation team of BLA was also present to meet new comrades who had expressed to join the ranks of BLA.

The enemy attack commenced with a drone attack, which was followed by enemy commandos being heli dropped in the area. The Baloch freedom fighters, following a brilliant military strategy, divided into small groups and attacked the enemy commandos at several locations. Eight enemy personnel were eliminated and several were injured during this process, and the Baloch freedom fighters successfully breached the enemy’s siege.

Six BLA fighters, after bravely fighting the enemy troops for several hours, embraced martyrdom at this point. BLA fighters Nawaz alias Fazal, Rahmdil alias Wahid and Jaleel Sher alias Wajoo Qamber followed the philosophy of the last bullet and ended their own lives after they ran out of ammunition.

Baloch Liberation Army pays rich tribute to the fallen heroes for their ultimate sacrifices. BLA vows that it will avenge the blood of martyrs by achieving the freedom of Baloch motherland,” BLA statement concludes.


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