BNM rejects Pakistan High Commission’s statement, Canadian Police’s report over Karima’s “murder”

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Dr. Murad Baloch, Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) has rejected the press release issued by the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa, regarding the “murder” of Karima Baloch. He said there is no need of Pakistan to contact the Government of Canada, it is only trying to cover up this crime because the whole world knows that thousands of Baloch, including Banuk Karima Baloch, moved to civilised countries to escape the barbarism of Pakistan where they can survive and serve their nation. He questions in the statement that how is Pakistan now engaged in correspondence with the Government of Canada to investigate the “martyrdom” of Karima Baloch?

BNM statement comes a day after the Pakistan High Commission in Ottawa, Canada released a  statement saying “Following the media reports claiming the death of Pakistani national Karima Baloch in Toronto late Monday evening, the Pakistan High Commissioner has approached the Canadian authorities to find out the cause of Karima Baloch’s death and an official report in this regard is awaited.”

He said that when Karima Baloch was included in the list of 100 most influential women of the BBC for her important role in the struggle for the independence of Balochistan, the statement of Pakistani officials came to light that the BBC had included her name in negligence. Today, Pakistan’s unwarranted intervention and condolences on her martyrdom is tantamount to adding to the grief of the Baloch nation and sprinkling salt on our wounds. “At the same time, calling Karima Baloch a Pakistani national is an insult to our national struggle and martyrs. No child of the Baloch nation has renounced Balochism and accepted to be a Pakistani. Specially Banuk Karima Baloch has been the head of the organization fighting for independence and was a member of a pro-independence party. Calling Balochs Pakistani is an insult for those who are engaged in the struggle against oppression and barbarism of Pakistan.

Dr. Murad Baloch asked why the Pakistan High Commission is declaring Karima Baloch as its citizen when she was exiled just because of the Pakistani state? She continued to receive threats there (in Canada) as well, even her asylum process in Canada was intercepted. Pakistan must also remember that it has kidnapped, disappeared and martyred many of Karima Baloch’s political friends. Her uncles and cousins ​​have also been martyred. Her home was raided several times to forcibly disappear her and mortars were fired to her house to pressurise her, the statement read.

“We also reject the current statement of the Canadian police,” he said.

According to Canadian Police’s initial report that there were “not believed to be any suspicious circumstances”.

It is pertinent to mention that Karima Baloch’s death is being seen suspicious by Baloch nationalists and rights activists and considered as assassination by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Her husband while talking to the media said “I can’t believe that it’s an act of suicide. She was a strong lady and she left home in a good mood. We can’t rule out foul play as she has been under threats.” Haider said.

Ms Baloch’s sister told the BBC Urdu service on Tuesday that her death was “not only a tragedy for the family, but also for the Baloch national movement”.

“She didn’t go abroad because she wanted to, but because… open activism in Pakistan had become impossible,” Mahganj Baloch said.

Shashi Taroor, a renowned Indian politician and former Minister of State said in a tweet: “Two Baloch activists killed in Sweden and Canada. Speaking up for freedom from Pakistani oppression comes at a very high price.”

On this occasion, Shehnaz Sajid, the widow of exiled journalist, Sajid Hussain said “from the beginning, I never believed Sajid Hussain’s death is an act of suicide or accident. I have requested the Swedish Authorities to hand over me the remaining documents. What I got from Swedish police wasn’t satisfactory. I am not convinced by the investigation and have asked for more evidence from Swedish authorities. Recently, Karima Baloch found dead in the same way my husband did it proves that we cannot rule out foul play.”

Earlier this year, Sajid Hussain, who was living in Sweden on exile, went missing and was later found dead. Swedish police ruled out any “visible wrongdoing” and the cause of death was ruled to be drowning.

While mentioning the interview of Pakistan’s former dictator, General Musharraf’s, Dr Murad said, is a proof of Pakistan’s miscreants. He said Chaudhry Nisar, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, has also admitted that he and Shahbaz Sharif have been forced by General Musharraf to target people abroad and their names will not be mentioned. “The same method was used to assassinate Sajid Hussain Baloch was used to assassinate Karima Baloch. We therefore reject the Pakistani High Commission’s appeal for an inquiry from the Government of Canada and their condolences,” he added.

BNM spokesperson appealed to the United Nations to protect thousands of Baloch who have sought refuge in Europe, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Australia, Iran and Afghanistan. A large number of them are in Afghanistan and Iran. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) should recognize the thousands of Baloch in Afghanistan and Iran as refugees and take steps to protect them. If the Baloch refugees are similarly ignored and left at the mercy of Pakistani atrocities, it will raise many questions about these institutions, Dr. Murad said.


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