Awaran: All the men of a hamlet taken away by Pakistani forces

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Pakistani security forces have taken away scores of locals after raiding different areas of Balochistan.

More than 35 men were taken away from Peerandar in Awaran only, whereas, one each from Mashkay and Buleda.

According to details received by The Balochistan Post, all the men from a locality were arrested and taken away by Pakistani forces in a raid in Peerandar, Awaran.

Pakistani security forces raided the area and cordoned off the entry points. House to house searches were then conducted.

Reports from the area revealed that all men of a hamlet were bundled into security forces vehicle and taken away to main military camps in Awaran.

Names of at least fifteen out of more than 35 arrested men have been received by TBP. These include:

  1. Illahi Baksh s/o Wahid,
  2. Raheem Baksh s/o Dilmurad,
  3. Abdul Hai s/o Mir Mohammad,
  4. Abdul Salam s/o Mir Mohammad,
  5. Noora s/o Mir Mohammad,
  6. Seeri s/o Haroon,
  7. Jangaan s/o Seeri,
  8. Abdul Wahid s/o Ibrahim,
  9. Yar Mohammad s/o Ibrahim,
  10. Saleem s/o Washdil,
  11. Naseer s/o Ibrahim,
  12. Ayaz s/o Noora,
  13. Sher Mohammad s/o Ghulam Mohammad,
  14. Basheer Ahmed s/o Imdad
  15. Azam

The identity of at least 20 others have not been ascertained yet.

According to some reports, women and children were also roughed up during the raid.

In other incidents a man, identified as Sameer s/o Raheem Jan was arrested and taken away after Pakitani security forces raided a house in Minaz, Buleda. Whereas, another arrest and subsequent disappearance was made in Bundiki, Mashkay. The second ‘abducted’ person was identified as Shah Jahan.

The term abducted is widely used in Balochistan to connote arrests made by security forces as the arrested are not presented before court of law and instead kept in military camps.

Human rights situation in Balochistan is considered ‘very grim’ by International campaign groups and the local political parties.

In a report released yesterday, Balochistan’s largest pro-freedom political organisation, BNM, accused that At least 22 dead bodies were found, whereas, 109 Baloch were ‘abducted’ by Pakistani security forces from Balochistan in the month of June only.

Enforced disappearances that started in early 2000s have never slowed down in Balochistan, in fact dramatic surge has been observed in number of people going missing with each coming year.

International campaign groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse Pakistani security forces as the culprits of these illegal abductions.

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