At least four dead bodies have been recovered from Shahrag near Harnai today.

According to details the deceased have been identified as Mistag Mazarani s/o Maula Dad, Jondo Marri s/o Dostain Marri and Bangur Marri. The identification of fourth person is yet to be ascertained.

According to The Balochistan Post correspondent the people killed today were arrested by Pakistani forces in a military operation on 24 July from Shahrag.

Military operations have recently been escalated in Shahrag, Peer Ismail, Harnai and other adjoining areas. These areas, which are only few kilometers away from Quetta, depict the image of a war zone.

Only last week more than a dozen people, including at least 5 women and children, were murdered in a military operation conducted by gunship helicopters in Nishpa near Shahrag. A five days old baby and her mother were also killed in the same military offensive.