Khuzdar: Youngster abducted by Pakistani forces

A youngster has been allegedly abducted by Pakistani forces from Baghbana tehsil of Khuzdar district.
According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, a young man was abducted two days ago during a raid at his house in Baghbana tehsil of Khuzdar district.
Local sources told TBP that forces first raided a medical clinic where the youngster, Muhammad Asif S/O Abdul Karim Zehri, used to work but they could not find him there.
The next day, forces raided his house and took him away forcibly. Asif’s family fears for his safety, as his whereabouts are unknown since his abduction-styled-arrest by Pakistani security forces.
Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an organization of families of forcibly disappeared people, has been protesting against such abductions for a decade. National and international rights organizations too have criticized Pakistan Army’s for enforced disappearances in Balochistan.
Baloch National Movement(BNM), a pro-independence political party, has released its monthly reports on the human rights violation in Balochistan.
The report revealed that in the final month of 2018, 65 people have been abducted by Pakistani forces during 48 military operations across Balochistan. 27 bodies have been found, among which, 12 were ethnic Balochs and 4 couldn’t be identified.