Jamshoro: Transmission line tower blown up, BRG claims responsibility

Baloch Republican Guards, a Baloch armed group, claimed responsibility for blowing up power transmission line towers in Jamshoro, Sindh
According to the details received by the Balochistan Post, two transmission line towers were blown up with explosives last night in a suburban area of Jamshoro district by unknown men.
The transmission lines were of 500KV power, and the towers were blown up near Jhangara town in Jamshoro district. No casualties were reported.
However, officials refrained from commenting about the incident.
Whereas, a Baloch armed group, Baloch Republican Guards(BRG), has claimed responsibility for destroying the transmission line towers with remote-controlled bombs.
“We destroyed two transmission line towers in Jhangara , Jamshoro with remote-controlled bombs. The lines were connecting Karachi and Punjab. Our such attacks will continue until the freedom of Balochistan,” said Dostain Baloch, a spokesperson for BRG.
Although Baloch armed groups are based in Balochistan and usually carry out sabotage attacks inside Balochistan, the recent attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi by Baloch insurgents tell an otherwise story.