Enforced disappearances in 2nd half of June 2023

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Balochistan, a region scarred by the haunting specter of enforced disappearances, continues to grapple with this distressing reality that has plagued its people for the past two decades. Baloch nationalists, activists, and human rights organizations have consistently pointed fingers at Pakistani intelligence agencies and security forces, alleging their involvement in abductions and extrajudicial killings. While the Pakistani government vehemently denies any complicity, mounting evidence presented by these groups paints a different picture.

In a recent investigation conducted by our team at The Balochistan Post  (TBP), we delved into the state of enforced disappearances during the latter two weeks of June, unearthing the following:

Revealing the Truth

During this crucial period, TBP meticulously documented a series of cases of enforced disappearances that were reported from various regions across Balochistan. The gathered accounts shed light on the severity of the situation, with a distressing total of 14 individuals vanishing under suspicious circumstances. However, amidst this disheartening backdrop, there were glimmers of hope as six of the disappeared individuals miraculously found their way back to the safety of their homes, leaving behind a ray of relief in their wake.

Tragic Discoveries

Unfortunately, the search for the missing persons did not culminate in joyful reunions for everyone. Within these harrowing two weeks, two lifeless bodies were discovered, further deepening the anguish and despair in Balochistan. Among the 14 disappeared individuals, there were two cases where the abductions had occurred several months ago, but the families only recently mustered the courage to report their loved ones’ disappearances, adding yet another layer of complexity to these distressing cases.

These revelations serve as a continuation of our earlier report, which encompassed the preceding two weeks of June 2023. The persistence of enforced disappearances, combined with the consistent denial of involvement by the Pakistani government, demands heightened attention from international bodies. The urgent need for a comprehensive resolution to address this ongoing human rights crisis cannot be overstated.

As the people of Balochistan endure the anguish and uncertainty brought about by these disappearances, the world watches with bated breath, hoping for a brighter and more just future for the region.

Enforce disappearances were reported in the following areas: 

  • Kech: 4
  • Panjgur: 3
  • Karachi: 3
  • Khuzdar: 1
  • Quetta: 1
  • Kharan: 1
  • Dera Ghazi Khan: 1

Additionally, two dead bodies were also discovered:

  • Kech: 1
  • Washuk: 1

Details of the victims of enforced disappearances

The Balochistan Post documented the details of the following individuals who were allegedly picked up by Pakistani security forces:

  • Yahya Baloch: Detained form Panjgur on June 16. Still missing
  • Sajid: Detained from Panjgur on June 16. Still missing
  • Rashid: Detained from Dera Ghazi Khan on June 18. Still missing
  • Qadir Baksh: Detained from Panjgur on June 18. Still missing
  • Abdul Wahab: Detained from Khuzdar on June 21. Still missing
  • Leli: Detained from Kech on June 22. Still missing
  • Haleema: Deatined from Kech on June 25. Released afterwards
  • Noor Khatoon: Detained from Kech on June 25. Released afterwards
  • Asad Ullah: Detained from Kharan on June 26. Still missing
  • Nasir Baloch: Detained from Quetta on June 22. Released on June 27
  • Shakoor Baloch: Detained from Kech on June 27. Still missing
  • Muhammad: Detained from Karachi on June 16. Still missing
  • Asim: Detained from Karachi on June 16. Still missing
  • Meeraj: Detained from Karachi on June 1, but reported on June 30. Still missing

The dead body of an unknown person was discovered in Kech on June 15. Another dead body, identified as Abdul Aziz, was discovered in Washuk on June 22. 


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