Bilawal Bhutto’s Speech in UN Against Baloch Movement & Our Responsibilities

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Author: Hasil Baloch

Balochistan has been going through a humanitarian tragedy for a long time. If I speak up upon the facts, it is continued since 1948, when Pakistan occupied Balochistan. Since then, Baloch genocide and other inhumane policies are taking place every single day. There is not a house left in Balochistan where one finds no mourning. Not a single house is left in Balochistan with no forced disappearances. Therefore, every inhumane treatment and act, which is clearly prohibited, seems to be occuring to the Baloch masses.

Has anyone from the Pakistani media and so-called human rights activists including the international ‘human rights champions’, condemned these atrocities? Condemnation is yet a distant thing, no one has even pointed out these brutalities, while the Baloch nation has been continuously deprived of basic human rights in this modern era. I am not talking about help from a tyrant and occupying state like Pakistan, but all the behavior that has been going on for a long period.

The abductions of Baloch, dumping of their mutilated bodies, military operations including the military cantonment, and the rape of women by the soldiers in various places, which tramples the Baloch honour and dignity, have been practices since the beginning of the Pakistani forceful occupation of the Baloch land.

But till date, no foreign and ‘unbiased media’ has covered and marked these to the outside world. And they seem to continue to do so. I am yet again not speaking of the media of the oppressing country, because it is undeniable that they will never cover the actual face of Balochistan. The occupiers will not speak up against their occupation. So any kind of expectation from them will be completely futile. As I was discussing that there is no media coverage, it enhances the chances for the occupier to divert the Baloch cause – as they had ever wished to do.

Coming back to what we are discussing, the speech of Pakistan’s foreign minister, Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on December 15, the minister tabled in the United Nations the debate on terrorism, with his key point, like every other Pakistani minister, was India’s atrocities on Kashmiris.

I do not oppose that. It is appreciable if such atrocities are really happening on Kashmiris, but why Mr. Minister forget his own state is involved in war crimes against Baloch nation. If he says Balochistan is its internal issue, why does it voice for Kashmir? That too is the internal issue of India, if so.

Anyway, he spoke a lot of things as he was tasked. And we have nothing to offer to an occupier. But we ask the United Nations that why are they let to make such speeches on atrocities in which they themselves have a big hand on? Why are not they being countered there? Why is not anyone asking them about the Baloch national genocide and the Baloch war with Pakistan for self-determination? If UN represents the oppressed nations, why isn’t Baloch treated a nation despite its historical, political and geographical positions? If not of anything else, why is UN silent over grave human rights violations in Balochistan?

The minister further addressed, “We reserve the right to take actions against Baloch Freedom Fighters and TTP.” He was let go of this of his statement too. Is it the UN that renders national genocide of Baloch nation as the foreign minister addresses?

What TTP is doing, and, in contrary, what Baloch freedom fighters are doing are two disparate ideologies and ends. What are the measurements of declaring one a terrorist to Mr. Bilawal, he did not say. I again question the world if fighting for securing one’s identity and one’s land on his own land against foreigners fall under the definition of terrorism?

The fact is that Baloch are fighting an actual war for a clear cause. The whole struggle is according to U.N chapter of rules and Baloch have accepted the Geneva Conventions and the principles. In contradiction, Pakistani army and politicians, along with their media, are escalating and proclaiming such baseless and illogical statements against Baloch cause and trying their utmost best to show is a direction-less and terrorist war.

However, it must be clear before the human rights bodies of the world, including the U.N, that Baloch issue is solely the issue of survival of Baloch as a nation and they are fighting the Pakistani fascist army on their own soil. On the other hand, Pakistan is directly involved in the Baloch genocide.

U.N must intervene and stop the Pakistani army from their barbarism. If it cannot, then it must not interfere in the Baloch war and label it terrorism. In fact, it must refrain politicians of the occupying state from labelling Baloch as terrorists. If U.N is of the belief that every oppressed nation must emerge on the basis of power, let Baloch fight for the power.

Other than the international world, we, the Baloch nation, need to study our own history, our culture, our geography, our psyche, and the colonial stratagems and colonial psychologies. We need to struggle in such a way so as to oppose the statements of enemy clearly. The main factor in such a movement is understanding who your enemies and who the friends are. And above all, we must know what statement is said for what intentions. That is how we can counter them.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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