Balochistan in Whirlpool – Balakh Sher Baloch

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Author: Balakh sher Baloch

As a Baloch sitting in diaspora almost 4600 miles away from Balochistan, I cannot deter my mind from dwelling upon the current situation of the fatherland. If we observe the situation, Balochistan is drawing into a whirlpool of dilemmas.

From state-backed death squads to the current political crisis in democratic institutions, this region, as mentioned by Banuk Sabiha Baloch in her interview, is being kept backwards advertently.

Baloch nation fathomed out the reason responsible for the backwardness of this region long ago and kept resisting the totalitarian and tyrannical behaviour of unaccountable organizations.

The intervention of establishment in the democratic system has led to a major political crisis not merely in Balochistan but the whole of Pakistan as well. The no-confidence motion against the Ex-CM Jam Kamal by his party members exhibited the actuality that interruption of the non-democratic institution always leads to the failure of the entire democratic system. Previous days in the Balochistan Provincial Assembly were no less than a movie, full of suspense with no one knowing what would happen next. The position of the CM was like a tongue of the bell moving to and fro. Once it was realized that Jam Kamal had lost the battle, but suddenly news came that the four members of No-confidence group are missing. All of them were members of BAP and they later emerged from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The whole nation was watching the puppet show and saw the strings in the hands of the establishment. It was not something new for the public neither was anyone astonished. But finally, Jam Kamal resigned from his position and Qudus Bizenjo, who gained 400 votes from a constituency of 100000 people, is the next crown man.

Furthermore, from the beginning, Balochistan is an active hotbed of brutality and oppression. But the previous two decades were extraordinary, the violation of human rights has been at its peak. Enforced disappearances, mass graves, military operations and another addition of a new form of persecution of fake encounters have been added to the list, which has become a threat to humanity in Balochistan.

A humanitarian crisis is ongoing in Balochistan, international Organisations that are founded on human rights are mute, the crisis is growing even larger, dead bodies are carried to the provincial capital Quetta to protest the brutality. News agencies of Pakistan and the international community are silent. There is no place of humanity in this world, every country and every organization is concerned with economic circumstances first of all.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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