Kharan: BLA claims the attack on death squad members


According to details received by The Balochistan Post, a Baloch militant group, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has taken the responsibility of a bomb attack in Kharan area of Balochistan on Monday.

The spokesperson of the organization, Jeeyand Baloch has claimed the responsibility of remote controlled bomb attack on local death squad members in Lijje area of Kharan on Eid day.

Jeeyand Baloch further stated, “the death squad members under the supervision of Pakistan army are active against Baloch activists and have been harassing civilians in Kharan and suburbs. They break into the houses and rape the women on gun point”.

“According to the reports, In the places like Lijje, Patken, Shohap, Kotori, Tazina, Hukami,Shoor Parod, and Sumalo, due to their inhumane activities many people are migrating to other places and all these criminal acts are being totally supported by Pakistan army and agencies”, he added.

The spokesman further says that “BLA has already warned these people to put an end on their bad deeds but they have crossed all the limits. On the payroll of Pakistan Army, these people with so called tribal titles are working against Baloch national interests and Baloch society, will not be spared. And their families and homes won’t be safe anymore”.

Jeeyand Baloch has appealed the Baloch civilians to end their connections with such people and keep distant from them since Baloch fighters can attack them anytime.