Student abducted from Lasbela university in Balochistan

Armed plain-clothed men beat the student and dragged him into a vehicle, eye-witnesses
According to the details received by The Balochistan Post, armed plain-clothed men whisked away a student from Lasbela University yesterday on Thursday.
The student was identified as Muneer Ahmed S/O BaZaid, a student of agriculture department in Lasbela University.
Eye-witnesses told TBP that the student was abducted from the University premises, where unknown armed men dragged him inside a vehicle after beating him violently.
It is pertinent to mention here that Lasbela University is situated in Chief Minister Balochistan’s home district in Uthal city. However, the police seems helpless to stop such abductions in the district.
Abduction-styled-arrests are common in Balochistan, allegedly carried out by Pakistan’s secret agencies. The victims of such abductions are not produced in front of the court and are detained at undisclosed locations.
This phenomenon of enforced disappearances by security forces has given birth to the decades-long ‘Missing Persons’ crisis in Balochistan.