The reclamation issue of Baloch students politics-Faraz Baloch


The reclamation issue of Baloch students politics

Author: Faraz Baloch

It has been one of the long lasting desires of the Baloch students from Balochistan after the unexpected collapse of once existing students politics that the students organizations and unions from entire Balochistan should toil hard to regian.

However still the dream remains a dream and the thirst of the students is still not quenched as neither the political students organizations nor the councils and committee seem to ever shown enthusiastic zeals and task oriented to attempt recovering the students politics productive and useful.

This unavoidable decaying and dwindling students politics is in such a dismal shape that it is undeniablly disheartening.

The reasons behind the disarray and dysfunctionality of the students highly indicates towards a vacuum filled process of adjustment by incompetent and inexperienced human resources who are usually illequiped with modern sciences of the political systems but are still stuck over the positions to lead the organizations.

Time period, political acknowledgement, capability of knowing and formulating new policies, eligiblity, maturity and decision making are the very essential assets that a political leader requires to sustain but sadly it has been now a tradition to escape all such mandatory qualities. If there appears a need of filling a vacuum all the political organizations go for any individual within the structure to be assigned. This has made the organizations feeble inside, consequently keeping limited to focus within the circles only. The student’s politics and educational institutes rarely get their attention until that the ground has been unreachable and invincible.

As a result, they cry upon the conditions of institutes and student’s politics. Other than this, their short term goals and policies have been the obstacles themselves on their way forward which undoubtedly in a great extent resulted making them dependent either on a political party or else sort of a philosophy, which in exception of confusion and misunderstandings brought nothing. Lack of Prior planing and work assignments are the indicators that decide how faithfully an organization has pledged to work when it vanishes there remains not a thing appreciable.

Nonetheless, from the inception it has been the misfortune of the Baloch Student’s Politics to revolve only around the circles of division in spite of being united and well defined.

On the pretext of this, a senior ex comrade of BSO while talking on the imperative roles of the students in politics said, “there are various causes of the disintegration, reconfigurating of the same problem that evolved repeatedly in weakening of phenomenal wreckage, reclamation of the BSO’s politics, conspiracies due to illegiblity of leaderships, difference in view of points, lack of political tolerance, absence of enlightenment among the majority of youth, lack of knowledge and many more other external pushes were the vital issues that assisted in bringing the politics of students in a paradgim shift which passed through a series of division and fatal destruction. This was a great loss that the Baloch politics ever absorbed secondly all the students organizations have made themselves confined in some colleges and Universities of the cities, which itself explains how serious and considerable they are”.

It is not wrong to say all the student’s organizations claim to restore and mould up the students politics as accordingly with the requirement of current scenario but for sure hesitate to formulate a system that could be helpful to achieve the objectives they think and mention.

To have a satisfaction, just look at the conditions of the organizations affiliated with parlimantarian parties which though bravely criticise the other organizations such as BRSO, BSO(Azad), BSF, BSAC as only the statement based and main reason of ruining the students politics in the educational institutions by thier stern and strict point of view. These aforementioned pocket organisations according to their leaderships, are the real representatives of students. But do nothing to fill the gaps to educate the students.

However affiliated organizations to parties such as NP and BNP are being long utilized as conveying the manifestos of the parties rather than uplifting the political environs of the students. Despite of that, they as well contributed enormously creating a disturbance and misconceptions among the students to decide how and what to do. It is one of the causes that has given the parties a plus point to interfere, influence and let them be dependent.

Today if to be glanced very closely, their procedures of selection via an ambiguous way of election is a clear proof that itself testifies how much plentifully they are throwing the so called political debris into already a tragic situation of students politics.

Such types of political bodies always work contrary to the wishes of students, gradually assist in narrowing the chances of politically maturing the youths and let them nurture a climate of conspiracies against one another. Secondly, there have been no bottleneck on the way of organizations in affiliation with political parties in the educational institutions but still could not attain to have approaches to the nurseries of Baloch student’s politics as the rural areas schools and colleges have never been attended cautiously and attentively.

Consequently, their council sessions and conducting of the election process democratically turned to be a faded selection. Whether that is BSO (P) and BSO (M) both have interdependently contributed making the people most often the students miserable and heartbroken, being dependent on their respective parties.

Regrettably, today the students from entire Balochistan run away when someone approaches them on behalf of a political organization and some of them even don’t bother to listen. Had the political students organizations ever thought over the creaated gaps, probably none attempted to know the primitive reasons yet. Such gaps are being widened by each passing day, which will certainly allow a vaccum more unfilled.

The sacred objectives on the contexts of which the students politics once sustained seem to be vanished however if to speak realistically it has been wiped out completely. Neither they have toiled making the nurseries of students politics strenghten nor they have formulated such a platform that could be attentively attracting the students towards politics, geostragetic and geograhphical importance of Balochistan.

Here a question arises which is being almost discussed in every circle that, “why still they have failed to accomplish a stand and influence over the students”.

When I asked the same question to an activist of BSO he replied, ” the ground has been tough, it is going to be tougher and harder where doing politics is a difficult task”.

On the other hand, the Baloch students councils working out from Baluchistan nurturing a mentality of dependence, approaching the students from Balochistan to attract them cultivating a culture of getting admissions in various institutes of the country. In spite of that they arrange welcome and farewell parties to entertain the students. Mental enlightenment, political circling, career counseling, guidance and supervision that would assist for a collective gaol has not yet found a place among them, they have declared to not involve in politics at any cost but protest politically when needed to compel the authorities accept their demands. Such councils have alienated the concept of politicization and contributed highly disappearing the political norms among the students.

For every sort of politics a suitable environment, space and planned political approach is much needed but the space for the students has been narrowed by both organizational factors themselves and pressures and hidden interferences of the state factors too.

The leftovers of BSO (Pajjar) which just currently conducted a council session to name the organization BSO has been hit hard as four of the central cabinet members including chairman and general secretary have been allegedly abducted by security forces is sandwiched between the philosophy of socialism and nationalism. They were primarily not cleared to opt on which pretext their struggle will be continued for revival of the students politics. As like BSO, same is the situation with BSAC. Which has very currently elected its central cabinet has not yet declared whether it is a political or non political committee. Besides this, no doubt they call for a democratic solutions of the students issues but had never mentioned how and on what basis it will work uplifting the student politics. To me both the BSAC and BSO are sandwiched between two deadly confusing opinions.
BSAC’s only encouraging and attractive thing is that it has brought students nearer by calling itself a non political setup because Students are very fed up of the tall claim of students politics, which made them already disappointed and they won’t take risks and they are terrified in a great extent as their restrictions from home matter at all.

Moreover the biggest failure of the students organizations is that they always themselves violate the rules and regulations formulated for a better setup. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be denied that some of the organizations had attempted towards betterment of education and students politics such as BSO Azad. It’s platform has been one of the best ever influencing factor but owing to it’s repeated mistakes and situational changes it has been proscribed by the state. Since that it’s all possible ways of educating the students got completely paralyzed whereas it’s open reach to every student has vanished. Later on it became a restricted and bound organization within it’s ciricle which as well made it only a task oriented organization within itself, students politics that should be beneficial to every common student has been a far reached approachable task to be accomplished by any group. Same was the case with BRSO, which lost its hold as well to remain in the institutional boundaries in order to clearly and enthusiastically guide the students and strenghten the student politics.

It is now worth mentioning to look at the alternatives how to work over the paralyzed political situation of students. It is going to be a great loss for entire nation if the conditions remain unchanged. As educational institutions are being attracted by state sponsored intergovernmental organizations which basically aim at diverting the mentality of the students.