BLA confirms ‘martyrdom’ of Ustad Aslam Baloch


Baloch Liberation Army has confirmed in a statement that its top commander Ustad Aslam Baloch ‘has embraced martyrdom’ along with five others in an attack by ‘enemies’.

In a statement, Jiyand Baloch, the spokesman of BLA said that commander Aslam Baloch ‘embraced martyrdom’ along with Sardaro alias Taajo, Commander Kareem Marri alias Raheem Baloch, Sangat Akhtar Baloch alias Rustum, Sangat Fareed Baloch and Sadiq Baloch in an attack by ‘enemies’.

Jiyand Baloch said that Aslam Baloch was one of the key commanders of BLA and was a founder leader of the organisation. ‘Aslam Baloch has enormous contributions in initiating the current phase of Baloch resistance movement and establishing BLA. He was targeted several times in past too and was severely  injured in one such attack,” he added.

BLA’s statement further added that commander Kareem alias Raheem Baloch was affiliated with the organisation since 2003 and was active in Kohistan Marri region. Sangat Sardaro alias Taajo and Sangat Akhtar Baloch alias Rustum were also affiliated with BLA since 2003 and had remained active in Bolan, Nagahoo, Mastung and Kalat regions. Whereas Sangat Fareed Baloch and Sangat Sadiq Baloch were members of BLA since 2012 and had remained active at Kalat front.

Jiyand Baloch said that Ustad Aslam Baloch’s legendary role and his contributions will continue to spread their light forever in the Baloch freedom movement. He was not only a sincere voice for the Baloch nation, but also for the other oppressed nations in the region.

Jiyand Baloch said that Aslam Baloch was the founder of Majeed Brigade and his own son Rehan Baloch had also carried out a self-sacrificing attack.

BLA said that Aslam Baloch’s martyrdom is a huge irreversible loss for the Baloch nation and the resistance movement. “However, we want to make it clear that choosing a path that leads to martyrdom is our own decision and these sacrifices will further strengthen our organisation and the movement. BLA’s fighters will continue to follow the path of Ustad Aslam Baloch with full zeal and enthusiasm. The enemy will realise that killings will not weaken our resolve and commitment,” the statement read.

Jiyand Baloch said that, Aslam Baloch was not only a skilled warrior, but also a political expert, intellectual and a trusted leader.

Jiyand Baloch added that our struggle will continue until the regaining of Balochistan’s independence and stoppage of exploitation of Baloch resources by China and Pakistan.