Pakistani Supreme Court is criminally silent on Baloch missing persons issue – WBO


WBO also demanded intervention of United Nations and international human rights groups.
World Baloch Organisation (WBO) on Tuesday criticised Pakistani Supreme Court and said that Pakistani authorities including the Supreme Court have observed criminal silence on the grave issue of Baloch missing persons.

In a statement released on Tuesday WBO, which is headed by Javed Mengal, said that it totally supports the protests by families of Baloch missing persons.

“The issue is a very serious problem as thousands of Baloch youth, elders, political activists, human rights campaigners, social activists, students, lawyers and others have been forcibly disappeared from across Balochistan,” WBO said in its statement.

WBO added that a human tragedy is unfolding in Balochistan because of continuous military operations and enforced disappearances. “Thousands of families have been forced to leave their ancestral lands whereas the other live a continuous life of fear,” the statement read.

WBO also strongly criticised the Pakistani authorities and said: “The Baloch women and children are continuously protesting in front of Quetta Press Club for many days now but the authorities have failed to address their concerns. The women and children are suffering in the cold weather but the deaf and dumb government officials have remained indifferent throughout. The Chief Justice is campaigning to build dams and busy in inspecting schools and hospitals but he fails to take notice of Baloch women, children and others suffering on the streets of Quetta,” WBO said in its statement.

WBO also condemned a particular news organisation, which had wrongly claimed that the Chinese consulate attackers in Karachi were on the missing persons list. “To damage the issue of missing persons a calculated plan was hatched so that the recent uprisings against the issue can be countered. The state institutions have used such cunning plans in past too but this is a very serious issue and it cannot be curbed by using such tactics,” WBO said in its statement.

WBO also demanded United Nations to intervene in Balochistan and said: “Baloch people have no more trust left in the Pakistani authorities, therefore, we urge United Nations and other international human rights bodies to break their silence and provide the Baloch nation and other suppressed nations some relief,” the statement read.