World’s largest war veteran forum praises BLA’s Shahrag battle footage

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The online community, with 3 million followers, has said that BLA has significantly improved their public relations and media presentation in a post on their official website on Thursday.

Funker530, an online community run by war veterans with a target audience of war veterans, has posted a commentary about Baloch Liberation Army’s latest Shahrag video on their official website.

The community, which is mainly run by multiple US combat veterans who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, has also posted a shortened version of BLA’s original video on their website.

The commentary states “(BLA) separatists engaged a hilltop Pakistani army outpost with small arms and RPGS. Eventually a BLA fighter infiltrated the perimeter and exchanged small arms fire with Pakistani troops. At some point the troops fled”.

“The video concludes with a dead body and a pile of looted weapons, ammunition and equipment,” it further reads.

It states that: “BLA has been carrying out attacks against Pakistan military and infrastructure targets for almost 20 years. The ethnic Baloch people claim to have little representation within the nation, and activists are accusing Islamabad of violating human rights, inequality, and spreading Islamic fundamentalism in the province, which, they claim, is responsible for the degradation of the Baloch people’s cultural identity.”

Funker530 confirms that BLA videos do not contain any religious zealotry and tend to focus on political matters of their intended autonomy or independence.

The online community, which has more than 3 million followers on social media, also commends the professionalism of BLA’s latest media presentation.

“A key point to take away from this video is the BLA’s recently and significantly improved public relations and media presentation. Unlike their older videos, which are low quality and poorly filmed, these newer releases are produced with high quality video equipment and techniques. The footage is further edited with graphic overlay using the English language. Their website is now sleek and modern as well,” the post on the Funker530’s website says.

The post has also been shared on Funker530’s verified official Facebook page, with a comment from one of the admins, “A lone fighter infiltrates the perimeter and systematically frags each dwelling.”

Another veteran, Huy Tran, has commented on the post and said that “One lion ate a flock of sheep”.

Ari Shine, another member of the Facebook page, says “They put tango down oh that’s hilarious!” referring to the part of video, where a dead body of Pakistani soldier is shown with “Tango Down!!!” as the title.

BLA’s spokesperson Jeehand Baloch, had claimed on 19th September 2018 that its fighters raided and captured an outpost of Pakistani forces in Meshdari area of Sharag on 18th September. Hakkal, BLA’s official media channel, released the combat footage of the attack on 6th October 2018, which went viral on social media.

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