US should consider strident options against Pakistan – BLA Commander Aslam Baloch


Prominent Baloch leader and commander of Baloch Liberation Army, Aslam Baloch, has said that United States should consider strident options against Pakistan.

In a tweet on Thursday, Commander Aslam Baloch said that Pakistan will never honor any agreements, therefore, US should consider more strident options against it.

The Baloch leader said that Pakistan will do anything to win its cunning war in Afghanistan.

“United States has already wasted a lot of time and resources by trusting Pakistan,” he said in his tweet.

Aslam Baloch said that any more dependence on Pakistan is equivalent to conceding defeat.

Last week United States cancelled $300m of Pakistan aid due to ‘Pakistan’s failure to take action against religious militants’, the decision was lauded by Baloch leadership. However, Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Pakistan this week to ‘restore strained relations’ has attracted criticism.