TBP Interview: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and CSR Concerns

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is considered by many sceptics as a tool to further China’s geopolitical motives in the region.

Many believe BRI and its major arm in Pakistan, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), are facilitating illegal activity by supporting and arming regimes involved in serious human rights violations.

There are also concerns on how environmental standards are being violated by investment in outdated energy sources like coal.

The Balochistan Post spoke to renowned journalist Anna Reitman, who has extensively researched Corporate Social Responsibility of foreign direct investment plans in the region, to know more about the concerns around CPEC and BRI.

Anna Reitman is a freelance journalist and editor with an eclectic background – in fields of education, human resources, accounting and engineering (military). She has travelled and worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Canada & US, and numerous countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. (Source: Byline.com)