We have never hurt a single US citizen, and yet we get banned. Allah Nizar’s letter to Donald Trump

Only days after, when in a surprise move, United States of America has proscribed BLA as a terrorist group. The Baloch Pro freedom leader Dr. Allah Nizar has written an open letter to US President Donald Trump and calls it an unjust move.

Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch who is head and founder of Balochistan liberation front addresses Mr. Trump in his letter and says “Imagine what would have become of what is now the United States if in 1776 France and other European powers had designated George Washington and others as terrorists and joined the United Kingdom to suppress the settlers. The United States would have remained a colony rather than becoming the beacon of democracy and progress. If George Washington was not a terrorist, neither are the Baloch.”

Earlier this week on Tuesday The US state department has designated BLA a terrorist organization. Baloch Liberation Army, a non-religious group that claims to be a secular entity, has waged war against Pakistan since early 2000s in a bid to achieve ‘independence of Balochistan’.

In his open letter Dr. Nizar points out how US weaponry is being used against Baloch people “We, the Baloch, have been resisting Pakistan’s state terrorism with knives and Kalashnikovs for the last seven decades. Armed with the most sophisticated weaponry, courtesy of U.S. military aid, Pakistan military has kidnapped, tortured and murdered thousands of Baloch. They trade the organs of our dead, rape our women and burn our villages.”

“The fighter jets and other weaponry which Pakistan is using against the Baloch civilians have been provided by your predecessors. But you’ve outdone even them. Your administration branded us terrorists. Because we are not ready to let Pakistan and China plunder our resources? Well, we won’t. Even if your administration branded every single Baloch as a terrorist, we would keep fighting with our knives and Kalashnikovs.” He further adds

It is pertinent to mention, after the ban on BLA, the spokesperson of the said organization has released a statement in Media and stressed on the point, how US authorities are ignoring the fact that Baloch and US are natural allies and share the same enemies. Mr. Jeehand Baloch says, “ Baloch and US have a common enemy, the religious extremists that kill US soldiers and the state that helps these religious elements are not only enemies of US but also of Baloch. US instead of identifying its natural allies in the region has been a victim of Pakistani diplomatic blackmailing. Since 9/11 Pakistan has been using the religious extremists to blackmail America. The ban on BLA is a continuity of similar tactics.

The Medical Doctor turned Guerilla commander, Dr. Allah Nizar calls it a shame for secular forces for not being able to be a helping hand for Baloch “It’s a shame that the champions of a secular and liberal world have failed to extend a helping hand to the Baloch, the only people in the region successfully resisting religious extremism.”

“What does the world expect from us? You fight bitter wars for every extra cent and we are expected to remain silent even as our gold, copper, gas, are looted with both hands. Our port line is being used to build someone else’s empire. Yet, we are the terrorists.” He further adds in his letter

Baloch Liberation Army and Balochistan Liberation Front are considered two biggest pro freedom militant organizations in the Balochistan. Both organizations are led by two former student leaders and recently they work under an umbrella organization called BRAS (Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar) Dr. Allah Nizar is believed to be leading the later.

Mr. Nizar claims in his letter that they have never hurt any US citizen “What shocks me the most is the fact that we have never hurt a single US citizen, and yet we get banned by your administration. Maybe the ban is aimed at luring the Taliban to the negotiation table, or whatever. It’s part of the politics. I understand.”

“Nevertheless, the world leader shouldn’t be compromising on secular values for such petty gains. Once you begin sidelining natural allies like the Baloch for petty interests, your enemies would sideline you in no time. There is no problem with your desire for making friends with Pakistan, but do not compromise on your basic values and the essence of your country’s constitution.” He adds

Dr. Nizar concludes his letter with these words “Let me end this letter by telling you what I like most about your country. I love the sense of resistance among the American people. The U.S. citizens have shown to the world – once in 1941 and then in 2001 – that they do not like to be killed. Do you know what I like about the Baloch? They don’t like to be killed either.”