10 years of disappearance - A story of three Baloch Missing Persons
Baloch community in Germany protested against Dannuk Incident in which a woman was killed and her 4 year old daughter was injured allegedly by Pakistani state backed "death squads". The protest in Germany, which happened on 13...
Rashid Hussain Baloch was detained in UAE on 26th December 2018. The family claims he was deported to Pakistan in June 2019 but the Pakistani authorities deny it. Rashid remains missing to this date.
In Quetta, youngsters have taken it on themselves to raise awareness about the deadly Coronavirus.
Rory Stewart, a Foreign Office minister, told MPs in UK Parliament on Tuesday that the UK Government continues to raise reports of human rights abuses in Balochistan with the Government of Pakistan.
Baloch National Movement held a side event in UN Geneva titled CPEC: The Exploitative Project's Human Cost on 2nd March 2020. The event was chaired by Hakeem Wadhela, BNM UK Zone's president.
March 8 is celebrated annually as International women’s day. On this IWD we take a look on the neglected and victimised women of Balochistan.
Mehlab Baloch, the daughter of missing Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, has pleaded from international human rights groups to play role for her father's release. Mehlab's video message was sent to The Balochistan Post on International Day in Support of Victims...
TBP Video Report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx542wvu9Cg On 30th September 2022, protests erupted in Zahedan, Western Balochistan. Iranian forces opened fire on unarmed protestors, killing dozens. The unrest has since consumed more...
Baloch students are marching to protest for their educational rights after their reserved seats and scholarships were curbed in the universities of Punjab.