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Author: Bizen Baluch

‘Only force can counteract the effect of force’, say Chris Brown and Kirsten Ainley in their book; Understanding International Relations.

If I interpret this sentence of the authors, then we understand that the use of force against a force is the only solution to some very important issues. And according to the laws of motion use of force against a force is directly proportional to each other. And violence is the by-product of force. It means that when we inflict force on something or someone, we are applying force of violence for some very clear objectives.

Humanly, I understand that the use of violence is quite bad, but, according to the realist theory of international politics, it becomes very important to use force in order to bring change.

The Balochistan issue is purely a political issue and it will only be solved politically; using violent and non-violent means of politics, but Pakistan Army, the most dominant institution of the state, is only using the means of force since the beginning in order to sustain the change. It also annexed Balochistan into Pakistan in 1948 with the use of force despite the option of mutual understanding and will of Baloch, as done in annexation pacts of the world.

For annexation, the state intentionally used force in order to bring change, and that change completely affected the socio-political and economic future of the Baloch nation by unlawfully annexing the sovereign and independent Baloch state; the Balochistan.

The state of Pakistan used force, not non-violent means, to change the status of Balochistan because the state was aware that force is the only mean to achieve its objectives of capturing our motherland. Pakistan used force to successfully convert Balochistan into its colony.

But reciprocally when the Baloch nation rationally use force to regain what it had lost in 1948, then unfortunately some of the Baloch educated individuals come forward to condemn the use of force against Pakistan in Baloch national struggle for independence and sovereignty.

I understand that the state tries to brand the Baloch freedom fighter as terrorist by using its mainstream media. But what is the problem with the educated Baloch individuals, don’t they know that use of violence is an accepted form of politics for legitimate objectives in world.

Baloch as a nation is very clear that it is in the state of war with an uncivilized and a mighty state. I fully agree that non-violence means of politics is an option in the Baloch movement. But I want to clarify that along with the non-violent means of politics, violent means are the part of a war or a movement.

Ex-Chairman BSO Azad Zahid Baloch once said in his interview with BBC Urdu “that war is the most sensitive means of politics”.

If the educated Baloch youth like Shahdad Baloch, Ehsan Baloch or Noora Baloch and hundreds of such others youth have decided to use the most sensitive means of politics, then what is wrong with it? Instead of demoralizing it, we should respect the decision of our youth. It is the level of their intellect which has compelled them to take a rational decision in this regard.  

In this context, I am not neglecting the peaceful means of politics, they are as necessary as violent ones are. But a rough state like Pakistan only understands the language of force.

If we are afraid of losing our youth due to use of violent means of politics, then we should be very clear that Pakistan treats the non-violent activist and violent freedom fighters alike. Martyr Sajid Hussain, a Baloch journalist, Pro. Saba Dashtyari, Pro. Razaq Zehri, Chairman Gulam Mohammad, Lala Muneer, Sher Mohammad and hundreds of others were peaceful political leaders and intellectuals of Balochistan, and the state has killed them all, because they were the Baloch bright minds. On the other hand, thousands of Baloch peaceful activist like Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed, Dr. Deen Mohammad, Shabeer Baloch and lots of other are bearing extrajudicial torture in the secret torture cells of Pakistan.

Pakistan has given us a very clear message that whether you are peaceful or not, but you are not acceptable, and our Baloch youth has clearly taken this message and are acting in accordance to the need of the situation in the collective interests of the Baloch national independence movement.

We have to be realist and rational. Pakistan as a state is doing its utmost duty by countering the Baloch independence movement with the use of force since the day one along with using all its state machinery. But on other hand, few of our educated individuals are deterring Baloch youth of such decisions which are based on rationality. I request our educated Baloch individuals, if you rationally give irrational suggestion to the youth, then it is my humble request to you to keep silent as a sympathizer of the Baloch movement instead of misdirecting the youth. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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