Chinese Expansionist Designs from Africa to Balochistan – Hakeem Baloch

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Author: Hakeem Baloch

Recently Tanzanian President John Magufuli cancelled a Chinese loan worth $10 billion to construct a port in Tanzania.

Chinese Government had signed a deal with previous Tanzanian administration on terms that Chinese investors will build the port on condition that they will get 30 years guarantee on the loan and 99 years uninterrupted lease. President of Tanzania John Mugufuli after taking charge of the office not only firmly responded to the China’s expansionist desires but he also stated that the terms of the Chinese loan could “…only be accepted by a drunken man”.

According to a recent statement published in “the Magufuli administration also made it clear that there will be no tax or utility exemption for the Chinese investors, and they will need government approval to start new operations at the port. However, the investors did not meet the deadline issued by the Magufuli government, hence, the agreement got cancelled.”

Similarly, China’s dirty game of plundering the land of indigenous people continues in various other parts of Africa. In Nigeria 17 Chinese were arrested for illegal gold mining. Ten local miners and a traditional local ruler were also arrested along with Chinese nationals.

The African countries have begun to realise that Chinese loan and investment is not a great help and support for their economy and freedom. Because China has already taken control of a port in Sri Lanka because of the huge amount of loan arrears.

On the other hand, China has found a country for sale, a country that has no self-respect and sovereignty. It was created by the United Kingdom, funded and raised by the United States, supported by the Saudi Arabia and now it is running on Chinese aid.

In African countries even with corrupt leadership there are still some statesmen and people who actually think about their people’s freedom, because they have fought for their freedom. In contrast to that Pakistan was never a country, it was a historical mistake of Great Britain and it was only created to secure the interests of the West. But it seems after 72 years of experience the West now knows that Pakistan is simply blackmailing them and using their power against their interests.

When it comes to Balochistan, Pakistan only cares how to loot and plunder the resources of Balochistan. And It seems that Pakistan has not only taken a huge number of sums in the name of CPEC for which a long route from Balochistan is being used and the Gwadar Port is being called the most strategically important location for it. It also seems that Pakistan has sold Gwadar to the Chinese government.

In Gwadar, most of the locals are dependent on fishing and their only option of survival has been snatched from them and they are forced to protest. And when in Balochistan a Baloch protest for their rights the secret agencies and army of Pakistan abduct them and in most cases the abductees return dead after being inhumanely tortured in detention centres.

Recently in Gwadar the local populace was promised to receive solar panels for energy, again it just resulted in disrespecting and disregarding the locals, the poor and the needy ones of the wealthy land.

I will sum up my piece with these sentences and leave it for you to conclude the good and bad sides of Chinese investment. If you ever hear about a huge development what else would you expect with that development? Personally, I would expect Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Airport, better communication systems, 24/7 Electricity, Great WiFi and Mobile internet services. Well in Gwadar people are still struggling to get drinking water.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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