Out of the frying pan into the fire – Faraz Baloch

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Author: Faraz Baloch

This 27th March chronically closed the page of a seven decades long history of suppression of Baloch being a colony. This period of oppression and suppression is inundated with all types of violence and violations that a forced annexation has brought since 1948.

Balochistan is considered a war-torn territory, where every sort of legitimately accepted human right is overrode by a strife and overwhelmed subjugation. However, still the wretched voices of the downtrodden people have failed to get any attention globally.

During the period of this unendurable seven decades, hundreds and thousands of Baloch have suffered the inhuman atrocities. On this spiking thwarting walk of survival and existence, hundreds and thousands of Baloch youths including journalists, political workers, social activists, students, labours and lawyers have been abducted, disappeared, assassinated, humiliated and some are compelled to be voiceless and disenfranchised. But very few who got to escape from the impervious dungeons, war-ridden areas, forced occupation and subjugation attempted to move to the countries, where lives would be protected and saved.

In Balochistan, around fifty journalists have reported to be killed. Practicing journalism has been certainly the hardest job to be opted. Today in Balochistan most of the daily papers being published are censored and are answerable to the public relations departments of the state. Above all forced preventions and obligations have made practicing true journalism a kind of unreal goal to be attained.

The journalistic code of ethics in Balochistan has been barred, it was supposed to be a medium for conveying the voices of oppressed, but it is expressing itself as a partner of exploitative machineries as it has been taken over.

There are hundreds of Baloch journalists who escaped from Balochistan, before escaping abroad they have seen the disappearances of their colleagues and surely witnessed the deaths of their companions and one of those journalists was Haji Abdul Razzaq, who was abducted and tortured to death.

Luckily some of the Baloch journalists, political activists and social activists were blessed evading from occupied Balochistan. Some of them managed to reach Europe expecting a lawfully guaranteed security of life but it has saddened everyone, who believe in true practice of journalism, that a renowned Baloch journalist Sajid Hussain, who is currently serving as the chief editor of online magazine Balochistan Times, has gone missing since 2nd March 2020 from Sweden.

This is a very perturbing news. The Baloch nationalists are sure that this incident will surely raise a question mark over the international laws that are concerned with the protection of refugee and asylum-seeking individuals abroad.

Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies could be responsible for this act, as they have previously assaulted some of the asylum seeker Baloch, Mohajir and Sindhi activists abroad. This includes, the BNM foreign representative Hammal Haider Baloch and many more.

Sajid Hussain, is not only a journalist, he is an intellectual and a literary giant. He knows the true and expressive ways of journalism, being a suppressed and wretched individual of this earth. He has great respect for the entire world and humanity. The alleged disappearance of him in a Scandinavian country like Sweden is a clear slap on the face for the humanitarian organizations.

It appears, that every part of the world has been perilous for Baloch. Neither the countries nor the authorities are heeding to the plight that Baloch is confronting.

Like hundreds of other journalists and intellectuals Sajid Hussain was hoping for a safe life, thus, he moved to Sweden but very desolately he now is out of the frying pan and into the fire.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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