Books are the treasure house of knowledge – Ameen Baloch

Books are the treasure house of knowledge
By Ameen Baloch

Books play a significant role in our daily life. A wise man said that when one reads a book, it means He reads a new world”. I primarily believe that everyone would agree with this statement as books have become inevitable for mankind. As we know books are part of our everyday life. A book is more reliable than a friend, and it will never walk away at hard and testing time.

It is stated that the book we read, in fact, it becomes a part of our conscious soul. Further, books act like a mother who always tries to soothe her child. Books are sources to give us wings to fly and skim into a new world replete with the treasure of knowledge.
In this modern era of technology, books are not only available in hard copies but also one can access millions of books in electronic form.

Above all, books improve our standard of living by opening new opportunities in life. Books tone up our intellectual taste and they make our outlook broader. Books encourage us when we have lost the battle of the competitive world; inspire us to work hard with hope and courage. Books enrich our experience and sharpen our intellect.

It is essential that we should develop a healthy habit of reading books. We ought to select books carefully also keeping our individual taste in View. A good book is our friend, teacher, and guide.

Everyone wants pleasure, happiness, and comfort in life, which comes from different angles. Some people want wealth and power for the sake of pleasure. Some are conscious of their good health. Perhaps all the scientific discoveries and inventions are made for human pleasure, happiness, and comfort. Even saints live the life of solitude and self-inflicted miseries to gain divine pleasure. Hence we can get pleasure from various things e.g. sport, games and films are some of them. But the reading books give us the real pleasure of life and we forget our pains and stress of life; the book takes us into a land of beauty, imagination, and happiness and blesses us with utmost happiness.

A man with the treasure of immense knowledge is revered. Such individuals are the powerhouse of knowledge and we learn and benefit immensely in his or her company.
Books are not confined to a few selected themes, in fact, books cover all aspects of life; books discuss our daily life, or socio-economic problem, history, war, please, philosophy, geography, psychology, anatomy, astrology, and so on.

If we want the welfare of our children and nation than it is important we should develop a culture of book reading in our society.

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