Taftan border : Trade remains closed for fourth day


Trade activities between Pakistan and Iran via the Taftan border remained suspended for the fourth consecutive day on Friday as protests against the behaviour of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Pakistan Customs continued, says Dawn report.

The strike — led by the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) and supported by a large number of importers, exporters, clearing and forwarding agents — is causing heavy financial loss to the FBR and Pakistan Customs on account of duty and other taxes.

Protestors’ stress they will continue with the strike as long as their problems are not resolved.

“Customs and the FBR suffered a loss of over Rs200 million on account of duty and other taxes on import and export goods during the last four days,” a senior official responsible for tax collection at the Taftan border told Dawn on the condition of anonymity.

Daily collection of the FBR and Pakistan Customs is between Rs60-70m at the Pak-Iran border.

Long queues of trucks and other vehicles loaded with import and exports items could be seen on both sides of the border.

Responding to Dawn, the Customs official of Quetta Collectorate denied the QCCI allegations. He explained that few days ago, the Customs staff detained three trucks on the information that goods loaded on the said trucks are not scrap.

“We are waiting for the court’s verdict in this regard,” he said.