Baloch Poet quits on life


Ahog Gul, a revolutionary poet with a unique Baloch accent, committed suicide in Peshan area of West Balochistan.

According to details, the birth name of Ahog is Nowroz son of Abdul Sattar, who was a resident of Mand. After the tensions in East Balochistan, Nowroz migrated to Peshan, a city connected with Mand and living there for the past several years. Nowroz was the nephew of the late Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, the former president of the Baloch National Movement.

Nowroz was popular in Balochistan because of his unique revolutionary poetry. His poems and lyrics have been sung by a known singer, Minhaj Mukhtar and other folk singers fo Balochistan.

Nowroz’s suicide motive has not been found out yet.