Al-Qaeda’s ‘Ameer’ for India killed by Afghan forces


Al-Qaeda’s Ameer for India was killed in a joint raid by the US and Afghan Special Forces.

The Balochistan Post has received information from an authentic source that Al-Qaeda’s commander appointed for India, Asim Omar was killed in a raid on the night of 23 September in Musa-Qila district of southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Asim Omar was a Pakistani citizen and was appointed by al-Qaeda as the ‘Ameer’ (head) for Indian zone.

According to further details received by TBP, the Afghan Special Forces (Zero Three Brigade) conducted a raided with US aerial support in Musa Qila on the night of September 23rd. During the raid, Afghan Taliban attacked Afghan Special forces to rescue the Al-Qaeda leader, after which helicopters launched shelling in the area.

In a result of the shelling, fourteen people including women and children were also killed in a house situated nearby.

However, Asim Omar’s death has not been officially confirmed.