Balochistan: Another person goes missing from Kech


Another person forcefully disappeared from Kech district of Balochistan.

According to details received by TBP, A youth was arrested by Pakistani security forces from Pedarak area of district Kech, on 4 September, since then he is reported missing.

Abductee has been identified as, Usman Maqbool.

As per the locals, Usman has a handicapped leg and he was residing in Bahrain for work purposes.

In the past, many cases of the abduction of Baloch people residing in Gulf countries have been reported.

According to the reports, when these people come back to Balochistan on vacations to see their families, they get disappeared by security forces.

Enforced disappearances that started in the early 2000s have never slowed down in Balochistan, in fact, dramatic surge has been observed in the number of people going missing with each coming year.

International campaign groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International accuse Pakistani security forces as the culprits of these illegal abductions.