4 Pakistani soldiers killed in attacks in North Waziristan and Durand Line

According to Pakistani Army Department of Public Relations (ISPR), gunmen opened fire on forces near Aba Khel, Spin Wam in North Waziristan, resulting in the death of Pakistani army soldier Akhtar Hussain.

The ISPR claimed that two attackers were also killed in the forces response.

The ISPR says that the soldier killed in the attack was Akhtar Hussain from Baltistan district and was 23 years old.

The second attack on the Pakistani army went on the fence on Durand Line, killing three soldiers and injuring one.

The dead included 28-year-old Lance Naik Syed Amin Afridi, 31-year-old Lance Naik Mohammad Shoaib and 22-year-old soldier Kashif Ali, the ISPR said, confirming the killing and injuries of personnel.

According to ISPR, Lance Naik Syed Amin Afridi belonged to Khyber District, Lance Naik Mohammad Shoaib Swati belonged to Mansehra District and Soldier Kashif Ali belonged to Nowshera District.