“For the love of motherland” Martyr Majeed Ajaz – Aftab Baloch

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“For the love of motherland” – Martyr Majeed Ajaz

Author: Aftab Baloch

The Balochistan Post

There have been such personalities who possess the kind of character, we count them amongst the living even after they embrace Martyrdom. To contain that sort of honour and prestige, one has to devour many difficulties and hardships along the way. Glancing over the luscious Baloch history, we were never short on heroes that left a mark on this world not only with their bravery but with their ideology and their teachings as well. Martyr Majeed Baloch is indeed amongst those names who embraced Martyrdom for an independent Balochistan. Majeed’s birth took place in the house of Waja Razahi Baloch on January 8, 1998 in Kanichi, Kolowah area of district Awaran.

After the birth of Majeed jan, his family migrated from Kolowah to Turbat. He completed his basic education in a Government owned middle school at Khuda Yousif Bazar in Turbat and completed his matriculation from the Government High School at Absar. He then sought admission at Atta Shad Degree College in Turbat but owing to his poor financial situation, he had to quit college and was compelled to work at a tailor shop to earn small amounts of money in order to aid his family.

It was during this time when Majeed Jan realised how the Baloch have been lagging far behind in the shackles of slavery and backwardness. This was the awakening that led him into joining the Baloch Liberation Movement, fulfilling his due duty to his people.

In 2014, Majeed Baloch joined Baloch National Movement (BNM) whereby he earned a new name as “Ajaz Baloch”. Ajaz Baloch was a true lover of his motherland. He was cheerful and full of life. Anyone who met him once would remember him for life. He was always the one with the jokes and the one to trust.

It is known that the severity of circumstances is the emblem of progression in the struggle called “Freedom”. When the enemy can’t endure the discomfiture, they resort to bigger provocations and greater oppression.

Pakistan has seen its defeat against the Baloch National struggle; the abductions, kill and dump, extreme tortured of the ones in the army cantonments, burning down of villages are indeed a part of their daily routine now but it is also true that there is a force that has them intimidated to such an extent whereby they resort to the victimisation of the families of Baloch activists.

It was the 29th of February 2017 when the Pakistan army and intelligence agencies raided the house of Majeed and his tailor-shop but to no avail. Majeed was not present there at the time of the raids and they arrested the owner of the shop, Rahim Bakhsh and his eldest brother Wahid Baloch instead. They also whisked away a cousin of the victims namely Iqbal Baloch. The beloved mother of Majeed Baloch, Bibi Garnaz did dare and question the military personnel on their unlawful antics but little did she know that the very birth of the Baloch child she bore was a crime in itself in their eyes. After a few days, Rahim Bakhsh and Iqbal were released and Pakistani intelligence agencies sent a message to Majeed’s family stating they should handover Majeed to them and that he should quit the Baloch liberation movement and instead bow down to Pakistan’s slavery in compliance and only then will they release Wahid Baloch. Majeed Ajaz was quick to answer them back with his staunch thoughts stating, “The Pakistani military has abducted more than 45000 Baloch people already and have assassinated many as well. While Wahid Baloch is yet another one of those victims and his children; Saeed Jan and Farzana Wahid will be waiting for the safe recovery of their abducted father much like Mehlab and Ali Haider – I still cannot turn my back on the path I have chosen already. I will never abandon my Nationalist caravan and my esteemed ideology, come what may.

Right after that incident, Majeed moved to Kolowah. He loved every spectacle of Balochistan but had a special kind of attachment to his birthplace and that is why he carried out much of his activities in the realms of Kolowah where he was born and later where he embraced martyrdom. During a massive military operation, Majeed Baloch was assassinated by the Pakistani regime. The operation took the life of other victims as well namely Sadiq Baloch and two brothers, who were serving as BSO AZAD’s zonal information secretary; Shakir Shad and Hasil Baloch. On the 29th of july 2017, the operation claimed the lives of the three heroes in the Kolowah Kanichi area, in the district of Awaran.

Their sacrifices made them immortal today and their names will forever be remembered. Martyr Majeed Baloch and his martyrdom is evident of the fact that the path to freedom can never be stopped no matter how bad Pakistani aggression and atrocities worsen.

“May the grovelers remain grovelers,
May the nobles remain reputable”.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of The Balochistan Post or any of its editors.

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